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For a head-to-toe look, H&M dresses are just the thing your closet needs. Whether it's an essential jersey maxi, floral-print mini dress or a vacation-ready kaftan, the Stockholm-based brand's line up is a no-brainer. Formal occasions will have you reaching for its pleated gowns, while sweater styles round off the H&M dresses collection with staples that you'll wear again and again.

The H&M Dresses Buying Guide

H&M produces everyone’s wardrobe staples, as well as exceptionally beautiful pieces. H&M produces a variety of differently designed dresses and the range has everything from wet-look mini dresses to extravagant evening gowns that gracefully hit the floor. There’s an H&M dress to suit everyone’s style and allow all women to show off their personality through the clothing they wear.

Ahead, take a look at our H&M dresses buying guide, which will help you discover several of the most popular designs by H&M. We have also included a care guide and a sizing guide. The most frequently asked questions are also answered.

The Most Wanted H&M Dress

  • H&M Patterned Silk Dresses

    The H&M Patterned Silk dress is one of the most valuable and desirable dresses produced by the brand. The dress exudes glamour and elegance through the airy fabric and classic long, ruched sleeves. The dress is made from 100% organic silk that flows beautifully down the wearer’s body and stops just below the knee. The dress also features a V-neck front and the same design at the back. The fit of the dress is more closely fitting on the dress’s bodice, and more relaxed on the skirt. The zip at the back of the dress, that’s concealed expertly, is made from recycled polyester, which adds a sustainable aspect to the dress. Keeping with the sustainability of the dress, the lining is also made from recycled fabric. The waist of the dress is tapered with a thick seam, accentuating the wearer’s waist. The H&M Patterned Silk dress is a beautifully designed and created dress that shows elegance. This dress is perfect for formal occasions and evening events.

  • H&M Jacket Dress

    The H&M Jacket dress is a clear representation of how the brand is constantly keeping up with contemporary trends, as well as setting them. The Jacket dress takes a masculine garment of a thick jacket and reinvents it, into a fiercely feminine dress. The dress is short, fits perfectly to any woman’s silhouette and is made from a woven, crepe fabric that allows the wearer to be comfortable and also look cinched. The dress has a wrap-over design at the front and creates a wide V-neck that adds sex appeal to the garment. The dress also features a removable belt that’s embellished with rhinestones. This dress is an ideal dress to have in the closet because it’s so versatile and can be styled in multiple ways. This is an exceptional version of the LBD.

  • H&M Lyocell-blend Dress

    This H&M Lyocell-blend dress is an impeccably designed garment that’s perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear. This dress is one of the most desired across the whole collection, and we can see why. The finish on this dress is exceptional. As the name suggests, the dress is made from a soft blend made from linen and lyocell blend. This fabric blend will be durable and heavyweight, ensuring the dress has a luxe finish. The dress is calf length and features a collar, buttons and a removable belt at the waist. The dress almost has a utilitarian feel, but at the same time is utterly feminine – it’s a chic feminine design for all of the independent women out there. 

The H&M Dresses Sizing Guide

H&M sizes with European and Alpha sizing, so if you’re slightly confused about which size to order, don’t worry. Take a look at the size guide below to figure out which size you should order. For example, if you are a US size 8, you will need to order a size M.

Bust cm768084889296100104110116122128134140146152
Bust inch3031½3334½36¼37¾39½4143½45½4850½52¾5557½59¾
Waist cm606468727680859096102108114121128135142
Waist inch23½2526¾28½3031½33½35½37¾40¼42½44¾47½50½53¼55¾
Low Hip cm8488929699102105108113118123128134140146152
Low hip inch3334½36¼37¾3940¼41¼42½44½46½48½50½52¾55½57½59¾
Neckline cm34,7535,536,2537383940414243444546474849
Neckline inch13½141414½1515¼15¾1616½1717¼17¾1818½18¾19
Arm lenght cm59,459,659,86060,260,460,660,86161,261,461,661,86262,262,4
Arm lenght inch23¼23½23½23½23¾23¾23¾2424242424¼24¼24½24½24½
Inside leg length cm79,679,479,27978,878,678,478,27877,877,677,477,27776,876,6
Inside leg length inch31¼31¼3131313130¾30¾30¾30½30½30½30¼30¼3030

How To Care For Your H&M Dresses

The majority of H&M dresses can be machine washed. However, some H&M dresses do need to be professionally dry cleaned. We recommend always double-checking the label inside the garment for specific care instructions before deciding how to wash it.


Is H&M a sustainable brand?

While H&M isn't currently fully sustainable, it has a big focus on product sustainability, which means you will be able to find many recycled materials throughout all the collections. The brand also produces a "Conscious" collection, which includes products that must contain at least 50% sustainable materials (20% for recycled cotton). 

How much are H&M dresses?

The price varies depending on which H&M dress you desire. However, most of the H&M dresses are extremely affordable, at around $50 or less. More intricately detailed dresses can go up to around $250. 

Are H&M dresses true to size?

H&M sizing is a reliable brand when it comes to sizing. However, when compared to American sizing, some of the designs can run a bit on the small side.