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Combining casualwear with contemporary design, Italian brand, that needs no introduction, Gucci, offers hosiery that are sure to see rising hemlines on skirts and pants. Tights and socks, from ankle to knee highs, have been styled around modern eccentricities, combining preppy style with vibrant autumnal colors. Scroll down to shop your Gucci favorite.

The Gucci Hosiery Buying Guide

Italian hosiery is some of the finest in the world and Gucci stays true to form with its wide selection. From the iconic ‘GG’ logo-printed tights to elegant lace stocking designs, there is plenty of variety when it comes to Gucci hosiery. Ahead, take a look at our Gucci hosiery buying guide, which will help you discover one of the many styles that work for you and how best to care for them.

The Most Wanted Gucci Hosiery

  • Gucci GG Supreme Stockings

    The GG Supreme stockings are the most popular design within the Gucci hosiery collection. Made from 95% Polyamide, 5% Elastane and printed with the ‘GG’ logo all over the stockings, they stand out within an outfit. They’re a mix between classic and contemporary Gucci design, showing class and tastefulness.

  • Gucci Lace Tights

    Available in a large variety of surprisingly vibrant colors, Gucci’s lace tights, made from 90% polyamide, 10% elastane, channel femininity, and class. The beige elasticated waistband features the Gucci logo, bringing a more modern element to a classic design. Gucci lace tights are the perfect addition to any outfit, in any season.

  • Gucci Ankle Socks

    These ankle socks aren’t your standard ones, they add an elegant and exciting touch to any outfit. Covered in floral lace, and made from 10% Polyamide, these ankle socks are available in a selection of subtle colors. The trim of the ankle socks is beige elastic that features the Gucci logo around it. These socks add something a little extra special to any outfit.

Gucci Hosiery Sizing Guide

For example, if you’re a US size 8-9 you will need to buy your Gucci socks in a size medium.

For example, if you’re are 55-70 inches tall and weigh between 131-154lbs, you will need a size large in Gucci’s tights.




SizeHeight (CM)Weight (KG)Height (IN)Weight (LBS)


How can I tell that my Gucci Hosiery is real?

When your Gucci hosiery is delivered, it will arrive inside Gucci packaging. You will be able to tell the item is real by the beautiful feel and quality of it. Also, ensure that on the Gucci logo, there are no lowercase letters. The Gucci font is Sans Serif. If you are worried about the authenticity of your Gucci wallet, we would recommend contacting Gucci directly. 

What is Gucci Hosiery made from?

The majority of Gucci hosiery is made from either 100% Polyamide, or 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane. However, there are also cotton socks available within the Gucci hosiery collection.

Will Gucci tights tear easily?

You should always take care when putting on tights. When you’re not wearing the tights, ensure they are put somewhere they aren’t going to catch on anything. Gucci tights are no more likely to tear than any other tights. They should be tougher than regular tights. However, you need to take care of them to make sure they don’t tear, rip or snag.