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Beige GG Canvas Lisa Thigh High Boots - Natural
$1,355 $1,226 (10% off)
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Beige GG Wool Ankle Boots - Natural
$1,250 $926 (25% off)
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Blue Leather Platform Block Heel Ankle Boots
$389 $355 (5% off)
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Fringe Leather Platform Boot - Black
$1,350 $1,190 (10% off)
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Black Patent Leather Peep Toe Booties
$1,160 $138 (85% off)
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Purple GG Embossed Rubber Rain Boots
$450 $286 (35% off)
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Rhombus Knee High Boot - Brown
$1,390 $1,220 (10% off)
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Leather Boot - White
$1,385 $1,220 (10% off)
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Rhombus Knee High Boot - Multicolor
$1,390 $1,220 (10% off)
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Metallic Silver Leather Buckle Detail Ankle Boots
$1,160 $243 (75% off)
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Leather Boot - Black
$1,890 $1,660 (10% off)
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Deep Navy Leather Combat Boots - Blue
$895 $811 (5% off)
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Knee High Leather Boot - Red
$1,790 $1,579 (10% off)

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Update your closet today with Gucci. Shop all the latest designer boots in our selection. Crafted using materials such as leather and demonstrating a pared-back aesthetic, the brand’s line of boots is perfect for coordinating with a whole host of outfits. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of Gucci's collection. Gucci's boots will earn a place in your wardrobe for years to come. By taking time to care for your leather, you’ll ensure your item stays beautiful for years to come. Regular care and maintenance is needed to help keep leather boots in their original condition for longer. We advise removing dirt and dust by brushing with a soft, dry brush, and apply special care products to remove any stubborn stains. Nothing can completely prevent scratches, scuffs and damage to leather, but a good leather protector will help. As leather is a porous material, avoid wearing it in excessively wet conditions unless pre-treated with a protector spray. Avoid exposing leather to direct heat sources or humidity. For ankle boots that are sure to see you through the rest of the season, shop the collection today.

The Gucci Boots Buying Guide

With a 90-year legacy, Gucci is the iconic Italian fashion house renowned for a refined, luxurious aesthetic and a passion for Italian craftsmanship. Now with Alessandro Michele at the creative helm of the brand, the label has an almost clairvoyant insight into the trends, predicting and defining the directional looks of the season. The brand's selection of women's boots is steeped in the glamour we have come to expect from the brand, with a refined edge that lends an effortless sophistication to the styles. Classic stilettos sit alongside this season's block heels and sleek flats.

Representing the apex of Italian craftsmanship, Gucci boots come in a wide variety of styles. From over-the-knee styles to chunky ankle silhouettes, every Gucci boot is an artistic expression. Features include monogram-print canvas, high-shine buckles, signature Web stripes, GG fringed styles and metallic-leather accents. Ahead, take a look at our women’s Gucci boots buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you and decide on the size you should go for. 

The Most Wanted Gucci Boots

  • Gucci Web Boots

    Gucci’s Web Boots are set on a chunky heeled sole and defined by the embedded Web detailing in iconic red and green. Sporting lace-up closures and eyelets, they pay homage to the equestrian world.

  • Gucci GG Boots

    Featuring the brand’s signature GG canvas monogram print, Gucci’s GG boots are designed to stand out. Made in Italy, the collection includes ankle boots and knee-highs as well as chunky lace-up styles all patterned with the GG motif. 

  • Gucci Fringe Leather Boots

    Gucci Fringe Leather Boots reference vintage loafers with a foldover fringe detail. A symbol of the GG Marmont line, these boots serve as a modern play on the Running G belt buckle from Gucci's 1970s collections. Crafted from leather, they come with a high block heel, a fringed design on the upper and an interlocking gold-tone GG logo.

The Gucci Boots Sizing Guide

Need help on what size to take in Gucci boots? The brand’s boots use Italian sizing, and you can use the below chart to find your corresponding country size.

For example, if you typically wear a women’s US size 8 or UK size 5, you should buy your Gucci boots in a 38. 


How to Care for Your Gucci Boots

The majority of Gucci boots are made from high-quality leather, but despite their first-class quality, you need to maintain the correct level of care to increase their longevity. So, cleaning them is paramount to stop natural deterioration.

- It’s worth investing in a leather footwear cleaning agent and leather polish (available online).

- Using a clean soft cloth, dab a small amount of mild soap onto it.

- Allow your boots to dry fully before applying any sort of cleaning agent or polish.

- Using a clean soft cloth, dab a small amount of cleaning agent onto it to remove dirt.

- Apply the leather cleaner using a soft cloth or brush and use circular motions across the boot, ensuring you cover every inch. Leave to dry.

- Take another clean soft cloth and squirt a thin layer of leather polish evenly onto the cloth, then polish the leather.

- Lastly, keep some polish handy for marks and scuffs.

It’s worth noting that the above cleaning method only applies to real leather boots, so avoid trying this with faux-leather or patent leather.

Extremes in temperature and humidity can cause your leather boots to weaken, glues to loosen and the boot itself to become brittle. So, storing your pair of Gucci boots in a climate-controlled environment is key to keeping them in premium condition.

We recommend putting rolled inserts of acid-free cardboard into the shanks of knee-high or tall Gucci boots to keep them in shape. You can also fill the feet with paper or muslin. This stops creases from weakening materials at the ankle, as the boots slump to one side.


Do Gucci boots run big or small?

Gucci boots generally run true to size. However, Italian sizing can often run slightly smaller than American sizes. You’ll find our size guide will help you match the size displayed online to the one you usually wear.

How can I spot fake Gucci boots?

An authentic Gucci boot will always have the designer name on full show, i.e. it’s never covered up. So, if the ‘Gucci’ stamp is cut off or hidden, you can pretty much guarantee it’s a counterfeit. Lastly, women’s Gucci boots are lined with leather and will have the brand name as well as ‘Made in Italy’ stamped on the bottom of the boot.