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Givenchy Wing Mid Sneakers - White
Wing Mid Sneakers - White
$786$524(30% off)
Givenchy Tennis Light Leather Sneakers - White
Tennis Light Leather Sneakers - White
$690$619(10% off)
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Givenchy Spectre Sneakers - White
Spectre Sneakers - White
$786$619(20% off)
Givenchy Wing Low Leather Sneakers - White
Wing Low Leather Sneakers - White
$690$619(10% off)
MadaLuxe Vault
Givenchy Low-top Sneakers Spectre - White
Low-top Sneakers Spectre - White
$812$586(25% off)

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Riccardo Tisci has catapulted class couture house, Givenchy in to the contemporary world of fashion with his appreciation for founder, Hubert de Givenchy's attention to detail and impeccable tailoring mixing perfectly with his own love for sophistication and innovation. The acclaimed designer's darkly romantic vision has seen fashion editors and celebrities the world over sing his praises and from red carpet-worthy gowns and androgynous suits to casualwear, shoes and accessories, his designs are easily recognizable. This collection of women's Givenchy sneakers is no different and boasts standout styles like butterfly-print high-tops, slogan slip-ons, leopard-print lace-ups and a variety of vibrant sports sneakers.

The Givenchy Sneakers Buying Guide

Givenchy sneakers are casual closet must-haves. There are so many different styles to explore in this collection, from butterfly-print high-tops, slogan slip-ons, and leopard-print lace-ups, along with a variety of vibrant sports sneakers. Designs come in super soft leather and suede, while eye-catching accents come in the form of bold prints, contrasting trims and signature logo detailing. Ideal for pairing with your favorite pants or jeans, there’s something for everyone when it comes to these sneakers.

The Most Wanted Givenchy Sneakers

  • Givenchy Urban Street Sneakers

    We love the simplicity of these Urban Street sneakers. They are the ideal ‘go-with-anything’ pair. Check out the classic leather upper, lace-up front or durable rubber sole - there’s much to love here. But what elevates these sneakers above the rest? Take a look at the contrasting heel accent with knot detail and logo print. It adds the perfect pop of color that will elevate your casual separates. 

  • Givenchy Jaw Low-Top Knit Sneakers

    Where do we start with these eye-catching sneakers? How about the knitted upper? Or the leather trim? The logo printed heel tab? There’s so much to admire about these sneakers, but most of all it’s the chunky shark-jaw notched rubber sole which really sets these apart. Available in a range of colors and prints, it’s simply impossible to pick our favorites.

  • Givenchy George V Sock Sneakers

    These are a little bit different and we love them for it. Though understated in color, they make up for it in silhouette. Check out the stretchy fabric upper which sits on the ankle, the logo detailed heel tab and the rubber sole with contrast trim. Perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans, these are casual must-haves.

The Givenchy Sneakers Sizing Guide

If you’re wondering what size of women’s Givenchy sneakers you should get, opt for your regular fit, these sneakers are true to size.

Based on UK sizing, if you’re a UK 6 choose an EU 40 or US 7

UK Size456789

How to Care For Your Givenchy Sneakers

Wearing your most-loved sneakers regularly will enviable cause wear. If you’re looking to ensure your Givenchy sneakers remain looking their best, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, ensure shoes are kept dry when not being worn. Keep away from water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics and avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Sneakers should also be kept in the supplied dust bags and any rubbing against other objects should be avoided in case of color transfer.


Different leathers will require different care. For example, patent leather, used on trims on a number of styles, should be kept separate to other leathers for extended periods of time to avoid color transfer.

Vegetable-tanned leather will develop a patina over time due to the delicate nature of the material.

Ponyskin leather and suede should avoid contact with other objects to maintain the integrity of the material and prevent balding.


For fabric sneakers such as the Jaw Low-Top Knit sneakers, cleaning should be undertaken using a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth. Bear in mind that lighter-colored materials are more prone to stains and soiling.


The hardware on the women’s Givenchy sneakers including eyelets, metal-tone logos, and chain trims, will develop a patina over time. 


What are women’s Givenchy sneakers made from?

Women’s Givenchy sneakers are made from a variety of different materials depending on what style you go for.

Classic Urban Street sneakers are made from leather which makes them ideal for everyday casual wear, certain slip-on styles of Urban Street sneakers also feature elasticated bands across the top which are finished with a jacquard logo print.

Other styles such as Jaw Sneakers have a knitted fabric upper. These styles are sometimes finished with leather, suede or fabric trims, depending on the design chosen.

All sneakers are finished with a hard-wearing rubber sole which is ideal for comfort.

How can you tell if your Givenchy sneakers are real?

Firstly check the stitching. Givenchy sneakers are made from the highest quality materials and this will be clear when ensuring your Givenchy sneakers are authentic. Things like stitching will be uniform in size and distance from the next stitch. The thread itself will be the highest quality and therefore not frayed or worn.

The quality of the leather or fabric is a good indicator of the authenticity of your Givenchy sneakers. If the leather is too soft, the structure of the sneakers will be compromised, similarly with knitted uppers, the silhouette of the shoe should always maintain its form.

Always check the logo for authenticity. Authentic logos will never have adhesive marks around them, the lettering will never run and the font will always be balanced and parallel.

Genuine Givenchy sneakers will also always come with a care guide and dust bag.

How hard-wearing are women’s Givenchy sneakers?

Givenchy sneakers are designed for everyday casual use. They are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last but, as with any product, over time some wear and tear may be evident.