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Givenchy Lock Earrings - Metallic
Lock Earrings - Metallic
Michele Franzese Moda
Givenchy "g Link" Earrings - Metallic
"g Link" Earrings - Metallic
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Givenchy is one of the most celebrated luxury French design houses within the fashion industry. Praised for the label's out of the box design concepts and avant-garde aesthetic, Givenchy remains coveted by global trendsetters season after season. Featuring opulence designs, their range of earrings is nothing short of extraordinary. Irresistibly chic, a pair of Givenchy earrings is a promising worthwhile style investment. With an array of stunning teardrop earrings, shimmery studs, hoops and horn earrings no two pairs are ever the same. From precious metals to gorgeous gemstones Givenchy knows best.

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