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Lanificio Faliero Sarti has been producing exquisite Italian textiles since 1949. Best known for supplying cashmere, angora and silk scarves to such high-profile design houses as Donna Karan and Armani, the esteemed label now delivers accessories under its own label, Faliero Sarti. Today, the Faliero Sarti scarves collection showcases a myriad of complex, artful prints and vibrant colors, splashed across rich mohair, linen and classic cashmere. These distinctive designs are true investment pieces for a timelessly stylish daily look.

The Faliero Sarti Scarves Buying Guide

Faliero Sarti scarves offer accessible luxury with a range of styles, prints and colors to choose from. Designer Lanificio Faliero Sarti is a name that has been linked to high fashion houses such as Amarni and Donna Karan, with his textile work dating back many decades. His own label, Faliero Sarti, brings his creativity and expertise of Italian textiles to the modern shopper looking for timeless design. Using fine fabrics such as cashmere, silk and angora, he creates products that last while also feeling great to wear. Many of the scarves in his collection are soft, lightweight and comfortable, and are suitable to be worn as dress scarves from season to season. Use our shopping guide below to find the right scarf for your unique collection.

The Most Wanted Women's Faliero Sarti Scarves

  • Faliero Sarti Kit Kat Scarf

    The Faliero Sarti Kit Kat Scarf comes in a range of soft, muted colors, measuring 105cm x 185cm in size. Made from a cashmere and modal blend, these scarves are lightly textured with fraying along the edges for a unique appearance. 

  • Faliero Sarti Multicolor Scarves

    The Faliero Sarti Multicolor Print Scarves collection offers a vast library of unique designs, including florals, medieval tapestry, polka dots and stripes, check patterns, gingham print, tropical print, and more. 

  • Faliero Sarti Alexander Unisex Scarf

    The Faliero Sarti Alexander Scarf range offers a unisex selection of scarves that are light, airy and oversized. This collection is typically made from a 90% modal and 10% cashmere blend, with raw edges for the modern finish. These scarves measure 135cm x 185cm when open. 

How To Care For Your Faliero Sarti Scarf

Scarves from Faliero Sarti are typically made from cotton, modal and cashmere, silk or wool. Many of the scarves are made with a blend of these natural materials. The Faliero Sarti Kit Kat Scarf or the Faliero Sarti Alexander Scarf, for instance, are both made from 90% modal and 10% cashmere.

All scarves are made from delicate fabrics and will need special care when washing. Make sure you refer to the garment label for full guidelines. Any 100% silk scarves will need to be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent. 


Where are Faliero Sarti scarves made?

All Faliero Sarti fabric is made in Italy, where the company is based. The finest Italian craftsmanship is applied to the textiles. 

What are Faliero Sarti fabrics made from?

The brand is known to use the finest natural materials for its fabrics. These include wool, cashmere, angora, silk and linen.

Are Faliero Sarti scarves suitable for winter?

While the core collection of scarves are dress scarves that are made to be soft, light and airy (and ideal for warm weather), there are a number of scarves during the winter season that are designed to keep the wearer warm. For instance, Faliero Sarti scarves with a high wool, angora or cashmere composition are much warmer options than silk.