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Étoile Isabel Marant Wool Sweater - Brown

Étoile Isabel Marant
Wool Sweater - Brown

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With the Etoile collection by Isabel Marant, the designer has artfully married the pure chic aesthetic of Parisian style with those essential items that make up your personal closet. With simple yet eminently wearable designs, along with a spectrum of color, the Etoile collection is proof that high-end doesn't have to mean only cat walk pieces. This is everyday clothing with a designer sensibility; it's a way to add a premium feel to the outfits that you wear most frequently. Lightweight fabrics, unique shapes and a variety of textures add a unique sense of interest to each piece. And with the range by Isabel Marant covering everything from fitted waist cardigans to Cazar patch coats, there really is a world of choice to suit your personal style with aplomb.

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