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With a heritage that stretches back to 40s New York, Coach is a brand with serious fashion credentials. While it was originally established on the basis of innovation in leatherwork, Coach has grown way beyond its original remit, moving from leather goods into jewelry and accessories too. Scarves are part of the label's accessories collection with a broad selection of designs that range from merino wool pompom scarves through to elegant oversized jacquard wool scarves that bear the Coach logo. This is a brand with an elegant aesthetic so, overall, designs are subtle, incorporating the distinctive coach and horses brand sign and traditional patterns, such as houndstooth and tartan. Coach somehow manages to effortlessly incorporate cool, contemporary features into very traditional design.

The COACH Scarves Buying Guide

The COACH brand has a rich heritage that dates back to 1940s New York, and many of the handbags and accessories still remain iconic today. The women’s COACH Scarves collection combines timeless design with modern elements, and offers the wearer so much versatility for the everyday wardrobe. Inside the range, there are pieces for every season and occasion, including merino wool scarves, cashmere scarves, signature stoles, floral scarves and silk square scarves. See our shopping guide below to choose the right style of scarf for you, including advice on fabric care and authentication. 

The Most Wanted Women's COACH Scarves

  • COACH Signature Stoles

    This lightweight range from COACH is ideal for warmer weather or transitional seasons when woollen accessories are no longer needed. The design options in this range include bicolor or modern metallic, finished with a C logo monogram. The stoles are made with a silk and cotton blend. 

  • COACH Horse and Carriage Diamond Scarves

    The COACH Horse and Carriage Diamond Scarf is an iconic piece that celebrates the brand’s heritage. The horse and carriage design is set against a nostalgic floral bow motif and the scarves in this collection are crafted in lightweight silk. 

  • COACH Oversized Square Scarves

    A versatile collection that appeals to both timeless and modern fashion followers, with a wide range of prints and designs. Each scarf is a unique work of art, featuring everything from the traditional horse and carriage print to more contemporary creations. The COACH Oversized Square Scarf can be worn in a number of different ways and measures 54" x 54" in size. 

How To Care For Women's COACH Scarves

COACH scarves are made using cotton, cashmere, wool and silk blends. Natural materials are used with all products, so follow wash and care instructions carefully. This can be found on the care label.

General care guidelines:

• Neatly fold and store your COACH scarf in the original box when not in use

• Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

• Avoid contact with jewelry and embellishments on clothing to avoid pulling and fraying

• Do not use perfume and other chemical or alcohol based sprays directly on your scarf


How can I authenticate a COACH scarf?

All COACH scarves are made using the highest quality natural materials, such as wool, cashmere, cotton and silk. Many of them will have a unique blend, such as wool and cashmere or silk and cotton. But they are never made from polyester and synthetic materials. You can also spot a fake COACH scarf based on poor stitching and incorrect logo placement. 

Can COACH scarves be repaired?

The brand offers a one year warranty on all garments and accessories purchased online or from a COACH store. For products that fall outside of the one year warranty period, repairs can still be booked at a cost to the customer.  

Where are COACH scarves manufactured?

COACH uses factories in Asia, including China, so many of the garment and accessories labels will say “Made in China.”