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On saleCOACH Signature Stone Drop Earrings - Black
On saleCOACH Signature Stone Drop Earrings - White
On saleCOACH Pegged C Hoop Earrings - Metallic
On saleCOACH Signature Stone Hoop Earrings - Black
On saleCOACH Signature Owl Earring Set - Metallic

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Coach is a brand best known for its leather goods. It was established in New York during the 40s and has gradually grown its reputation for bags, watches, jewelry and outerwear, each one bearing the distinctive classic Coach logo and the thoroughly modern approach to style. Coach has even become so successful that it has expanded into eyewear and fragrance too and the brand has been headed up by some world famous designers over the years who have carefully masterminded its combined contemporary and classic aesthetic. The line of earrings from the brand has options for intricately detailed studs, as well as fun, modern designs. Subtle style and innovative ideas incorporate the Coach brand feel of high quality without needing to shout about it.

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