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When it comes to coats from BRERAS Milano, Lyst has you covered. The variety of styles on offer from BRERAS Milano means there is something for everyone. Everything by BRERAS Milano will seamlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe. No wardrobe is complete without coats from BRERAS Milano. Understated and classic, the label’s range has something for everybody. Wool items are a great investment, and it pays to care for them properly. To ensure wool remains in perfect condition for years to come, we suggest checking each item’s care label for specific washing instructions before attempting to launder. Depending on the item, it is simple to spot clean or washable by hand or in the machine. Some wool pieces, such as a suit, blazer or coat, would benefit from spot cleaning. Hand washing at a cool temperature is the safest way to clean your wool, or place in a laundry mesh bag on a cold, low-spin cycle if you prefer the machine. To reduce the risk of shrinkage, soak your wool item in cold water before machine washing. Turning wool garments inside out and gently reshaping before air drying flat will keep them in tiptop condition. Hang structured wool, such as jackets and suits, to dry on hangers. BRERAS Milano has a wide selection of coats to choose from. Shop our edit today.