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Bottega Veneta Trouser - White
Bottega Veneta
Trouser - White
$850$620(25% off)
Bottega Veneta Pant - Multicolor
Bottega Veneta
Pant - Multicolor
$2,520Sold out
Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta Fluid Stripe Pants - Natural
Bottega Veneta
Fluid Stripe Pants - Natural
$1,135Sold out
Browns Fashion
Bottega Veneta Pants For Women - Red
Bottega Veneta
Pants For Women - Red
$906Sold out
Raffaello Network
Bottega Veneta Pants - Black
Bottega Veneta
Pants - Black
$1,238Sold out
Bottega Veneta Wool Gabardine Pants - Black
Bottega Veneta
Wool Gabardine Pants - Black
$1,630Sold out
Bottega Veneta Pants - White
Bottega Veneta
Pants - White
$1,286Sold out
Nugnes 1920
Bottega Veneta Pant - Blue
Bottega Veneta
Pant - Blue
$1,050Sold out
Bottega Veneta

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When it comes to pants from Bottega Veneta, Lyst has you covered. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these pants are designed to last. The label merges functional, comfortable qualities with its signature design aesthetic to create pieces that will work for a range of occasions. Available in a range of styles and silhouettes, Bottega Veneta's pants are well worth the investment. Wool pants need to be cared for properly to ensure they stay looking their best. To prolong the original condition of your pants, we suggest always following the washing instructions found on the item’s care label. One of the worst things you can do to wool garments is to wash them in hot water or tumble dry, as high temperatures can cause the fabric to shrink quickly. Most wool clothing can also be dry cleaned safely. Most wool is washable, with the main exception of structured pieces like suits, jackets and blazers, which are best spot cleaned. Hand washing is often the best and safest method, as long as a mild detergent and cool water is used. If you really want to use the machine, check that the wool item is not dry clean only and place in a mesh laundry bag before selecting a cycle designed for delicates. To reduce the risk of shrinkage, soak your wool item in cold water before machine washing. Avoid the tumble dryer, as air drying flat is the best and safest method. Most wool knitwear, no matter how good the quality, is prone to pilling. Gently pass a pilling comb over the fibres to remove any of the bobbles. Bottega Veneta's collection of pants is just as covetable as you'd expect. Shop the latest arrivals today.