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Give your scarves collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from Anine Bing. Anine Bing uses only high quality materials for its scarves, such as silk, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of Anine Bing's collection. Anine Bing's scarves always provide a truly elevated take on classic staples. High-quality pieces that are made from silk require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. To extend the lifespan of your silk scarves, proper care and maintenance is necessary. We advise checking the care label for instructions as some silk is dry clean only, and others are washable. Some silk products are strictly dry clean only, while others can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle, cold-water cycle. It is advised to clean silk using a lower temperature to other fabrics, as hot water can affect the material’s natural properties and damage to the fibers. We also recommend selecting a specially-formulated silk detergent, which will be gentler on its natural proteins. Leave to soak for a few minutes, rinse clean and press out any excess water. Rinse well and press out any remaining water, before leaving to air dry. If the care label advises machine washing, then ensure a gentle, cold-water cycle is chosen. Due to its delicate nature, careful storage of silk is a must. We recommend placing in a breathable cotton bag when folded, or hanging up in a zippered garment bag to keep it wrinkle-free. Anine Bing's collection of scarves is just as covetable as you'd expect. Shop the latest arrivals today.