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Channeling a rich history of industry-leading sportswear, German powerhouse Adidas brings its innovation to season after season of new coveted collections. First established in 1948, the label remains committed to high quality, high-performance footwear, apparel and accessories while constantly pushing boundaries and setting the trends of urban streetwear. Add sports-luxe to your closet with the latest models of Adidas backpacks. Splashed with vibrant colors and the iconic parallel bars logo, these eye-catching designs are ultra-functional and street style cool.

The Adidas Backpacks Buying Guide

Adidas is an industry-leading sportswear powerhouse. This brand's fresh and exciting sports gear is synonymous with being active and daring - and their backpack designs are no exception. You're sure to stand out from the crowd with their light and laid back designs in metallic, pastel, or bold-block colors. Adorned with the sleek Adidas logo and the renowned sporty stripes, these backpacks are ready to go whenever you are. Best of all, Adidas bags are affordable without compromising on quality. Not to mention, these backpacks work wonders for conveniently organizing your sportswear from your daily commuter gear. This makes them ideal for anyone heading straight to the office after their morning workout.

Continue reading this buyer's guide to find out the most sought-after Adidas backpacks, how to care for them, and the answers to some of your FAQs.  

The Most Wanted Adidas Backpacks

  • Adidas Classic Backpacks

    You can never go wrong with a classic design. This tried and tested Adidas backpack is available in a large variety of colors. All of which boast the Adidas logo on its spacious front zip pocket. For the environmentally-conscious consumer, this line also comprises backpacks made out of recycled polyester. The Classic backpack's largest compartment provides more than enough space to store your everyday essentials. So, no matter what you're getting up to, this rucksack can carry whatever you need for your next adventure. 

  • Adidas 4CMTE Graphic Backpack

    This tall, streamlined backpack features a large zip opening for convenient access to all your gear. You can safely store smaller items in either the front zip pocket or in one of the side slip-in pockets. This backpack is perfect for active commuters who need plenty of space to carry lots of stuff too and from work. The robust woven effect is made out of recycled polyester and decorated with moto-inspired graphics. The base of the backpack is also coated for extra durability.

  • Adidas Fav Seasack Backpacks

    This range of modern yet straightforward rucksacks combines all the practicality of the traditional sports bags with the hands-free convenience of a luxurious backpack. The main compartment offers a vast amount of space, and, at the top of the bag, it opens with a fashionable drawstring. The logo on the side of these Fav Seasack Backpacks is as subtle as it is timeless, which lends this piece a simple elegance. 

The Adidas Backpack Sizing Guide

The precise sizings and volumes of each Adidas backpack can be found on the appropriate product page.

Straps are adjustable. So all of Adidas' rucksacks should provide a comfortable wearing experience no matter the size.

The Classic Adidas backpack range is H44 x W23 x D13cms. But, Adidas also sells mini backpacks averaging at H22 x W15 x D9 cms. Whereas, the larger Z.N.E range is approx. H50 x W43 x 13 cms.

How To Care for Your Adidas Backpack

Adidas backpacks are made for active wearers. Whether that be power walking your commute, hiking amidst the great outdoors, or going for a Saturday morning jog -- Adidas understands that busy people need easy-to-clean accessories. So, they've kept that in mind while designing their backpacks.

You should clean your Adidas backpack regularly with a clean cloth. Slightly dampen it with warm, soapy water and gently remove any exterior stains using gentle circular motions.

To clean the inside, open all zips, remove any inner padding (if present), and empty out debris. The interior can also be wiped down with a clean cloth. Allow the backpack to air dry before using it again.


How Do I Tell If an Adidas Product Is Authentic?

The best way to ensure you purchase an authentic product is to buy from Adidas’ online shop or from one of their official retailers (including those on Lyst). 

Flea markets, street vendors, and unauthorized internet sellers often sell fake merchandise. So, be very cautious. Also, all Adidas products carry the official Adidas logo, so be sure to look out for that. 

Is Adidas Environmentally Friendly?

In recent years, Adidas has doubled down on its efforts to improve its environmental performance during the manufacturing of its products. Many of their backpacks are now made from recycled polyester.

In 2018, Adidas saved more than 40 tons of plastic waste in its office, retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers worldwide.

The company is also a supporter of the global platform 'Fashion for Good, ' which is a driving force for innovating durable, reusable materials for the fashion industry.

How Much Can Adidas Bags Carry?

The volume each Adidas bag can carry depends on your chosen style. Adidas’ range of classic backpacks carries 21.75 L, and the 4CMTE range carries 25.75L.

The volume of each Adidas backpack is indicated on the product page.