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Update your closet today with Séfr. Shop all the latest designer coats in our selection. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these coats are built to last from materials such as wool. Look to Séfr's range of coats for a simple way to lift your outfit. Séfr's coats always provide a truly elevated take on classic staples. High-quality pieces that are made from wool require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Everyday care will go a long way in maintaining your wool coats, and we advise checking the garment’s care label to ensure the cleaning method you plan to use will not cause shrinkage. As the material is prone to shrinking in hot water, always wash in cold or low temperatures. If your wool item is structured, such as a blazer, suit, or coat, then we recommend to spot clean. Hand washing is often the best and safest method, as long as a mild detergent and cool water is used. If you really want to use the machine, check that the wool item is not dry clean only and place in a mesh laundry bag before selecting a cycle designed for delicates. To minimize the risk of shrinkage, it is advised to soak in cold water before you put in the machine. Dry naturally away from heat and strong direct sunlight. To remove wrinkles, steam or iron on a low-heat setting with a pressing cloth between the wool and the fabric. Discover our selection of men's designer clothing from Séfr to find your perfect look.