Western fashion: Following the release of Beyoncé’s promo video around the latest Ivy Park x Adidas collection, western fashion is trending again. In less than 48 hours, searches including the key terms “cow print” and “rodeo” jumped collectively 64%. At the same time, page views for cowboy hats increased 26%.

Knitwear: Online searches including key terms such as “knitted” and “crochet” have spiked collectively 89% over the past couple of weeks after Tom Daley was spotted at the Olympics knitting. “Knitted cardigans” have been especially popular among shoppers – they’re currently up 41%, meanwhile page views for “crochet tops” have also increased by 23%.

Luggage: As the global travel scene opens up again, luggage pieces are topping shoppers’ wishlists. In the last 3 weeks, searches for luggage alone have jumped 59%, with Rimowa being the hottest brand (+67%). Furthermore, fashion lovers are also searching for backpacks (+26%) and tote bags (+39%) to take on their trips.

Donda party outfits: The pre-release listening parties for Kanye West’s forthcoming album Donda have sent fashion lovers searching on Lyst. Page views for red down jackets spiked 73% hours after Kanye wore the YEEZY x Gap round jacket, whilst Kim Kardashian’s matching outfit sent searches for red bodysuits increasing 13%. Meanwhile, Kim was spotted wearing a Balenciaga minimal all-black look during Donda’s 2nd party and page views for Balenciaga black leggings increased 13% within hours.