Global fashion shopping platform Lyst reveals the designer brands and cultural icons that are shaping gender-fluid fashion in 2021. From skirts and dresses to bold patterns and tailoring, these are the movements that are taking over fashion right now.

Agender fashion is gaining momentum
Searches for fashion pieces including agender-related keywords have increased 33% since the beginning of the year, while press and social media mentions for terms related to genderless fashion have spiked 46% in May 2021.

Pop culture icons are paving the way for a more inclusive fashion future
Harry Styles’ dress on the cover of Vogue may have made headlines but it was his Gucci boa at the 2021 Grammys which sold out across multiple retailers. Page views for feather boas saw a massive spike (+1500%) in just 48 hours after Styles’ performance.

After Kid Cudi performed on Saturday Night Live in April wearing a sundress by Off-White, searches for floral dresses on Lyst grew 21% in just 24 hours. The piece also triggered an increase in searches for Off-White dresses the following day (+67%).

Searches for oversized T-shirts, like the ones Billie Eilish and Chika wear, have grown consistently on Lyst since the start of the year and are currently up 231% compared to the same period last year. Pearl necklaces, as worn by A$AP Rocky, have been popular for male consumers for months and are currently experiencing a 150% increase in interest.

Skirts have no gender
Adopted by the likes of Lil Nas X, Bad Bunny and Billy Porter, skirts are emerging as a gender-neutral fashion item. Thom Browne skirts are increasingly popular amongst fashion lovers, with searches up 152% since January. Schitt’s Creek’s character David Rose, played by Dan Levy, got married in a groom’s skirt by Thom Browne in the series-finale and page views for wedding skirts spiked 26%.

Brands to watch: Demand for contemporary and genderless labels such as Wales Bonner (+393%), Eckhaus Latta (+140%) and Hood by Air (+20%) has been rising fast since the beginning of the year.

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