Italian fashion house Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni. She first became known for making furs wearable by treating them as a normal fabric to make contemporary clothing. From this fur collection her fashion line Marni grew a she needed to provide customers something to wear alongside their furs. The brand is best known for it bold, colourful prints that focus more on shape than an idealised sex appeal. The result is a quirky, eclectic aesthetic that is genuinely unique and off-beat. Another Marni trademark is colour blocking focusing on grays and neutrals mixed with bright pops of colour.

In 2010 Consuelo Castiglioni was ranked one of the top ‘100 most creative people in the business’. And thanks to this creativity the Marni brand has gone from strength to strength, now selling in sixteen countries worldwide and with a huge celebrity following including Kirsten Dunst and Cindy Sherman.

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Short Dress
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Plaid Crossbody
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