Luxury American fashion brand Guess was founded by Moroccan brothers Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice Marciano. They moved to California in 1977 and shortly after, in 1981 launched the Guess company. The brand started out as a largely denim based company, with their first product being a three-zipper style of jeans. When American department store Bloomingdale’s agreed to stock this new style of stonewashed denim the brand catapulted to success as their designs sold out almost instantly. Guess quickly became known as the go-to brand for youthful, casual separates with a sexy edge. The Marciano’s vision for Guess was enhanced by their iconic advertisements which often featured high profile supermodels in provocative black and white settings. These controversial advertisements made Guess one of the most talked about brands of the time. Guess has now expanded into an international fashion powerhouse selling everything from watches to footwear in over 80 countries worldwide. In 2007 the brand developed a new line under the Guess label called G by Guess. G by Guess is aimed at a younger audience and has significantly lower prices, the vision for the label is ‘a nod to old Hollywood’