ASOS quickly became a powerhouse icon for the online fashion retailing industry since launching in 2000. ASOS is characterized by the press as “contagious,” which is a fair assessment considering ASOS has over 16.6 million unique visitors monthly and 8.7 million registered users in 160 countries. The e-commerce retailer offers fashionable driven individuals an all you can eat buffet of menswear, womenswear and accessories from recognizable name brands to their very own ASOS fashion line. The retailer’s clothing selection certainly targets the 20-something’s demographic, which is also reflected in the affordable prices.

Asos Skater Skirt - Lyst
Skater Skirt
Asos Bomber Jacket - Lyst
Bomber Jacket
Asos Snap Heels - Lyst
Snap Heels
Asos Survivor Heels - Lyst
Survivor Heels