Sophistication, elegance and class have always followed the Armani name. Sprawling across seven sub-label fashion lines, from beauty & fragrance selections to a plethora of clothing, shoes & accessories, quality and eminence is injected into each piece. Armani’s potent diversification has been used to costume design feature films like The Untouchables and to stage outfits for Lady Gaga. Adored by Hollywood’s fashionable elite, from Anne Hathaway to Penelope Cruz, Armani has proven to be a red carpet favorite year after year. The luxurious Italian brand has even spun off to create lavish hotels, home collections and chocolates.

Armani Blouse Flowing - Lyst
Blouse Flowing
$775 (Free Shipping)
Armani Maglie Cardigan - Lyst
Maglie Cardigan
$625 (Free Shipping)
Armani Field Jacket - Lyst
Field Jacket
$1045 (Free Shipping)
Armani Doublebreasted Coat - Lyst
Doublebreasted Coat
$1345 (Free Shipping)