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Give your pants collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from Racil. The variety of styles on offer from Racil means there is something for everyone. Pants from Racil are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. Exceedingly versatile and free from any trend-driven details, the Racil's collection offers an easy way to refresh your wardrobe. Once you’ve invested in a wool item, preserving the fabric is a must. Wool is a durable and sturdy fabric, but does need special attention to keep it looking its best. We would always recommend checking each item’s care label before cleaning, with most pieces dry clean only, hand wash or machine washable. Depending on the item, it is simple to spot clean or washable by hand or in the machine. Most wool is washable, with the main exception of structured pieces like suits, jackets and blazers, which are best spot cleaned. Hand washing at a cool temperature is the safest way to clean your wool, or place in a laundry mesh bag on a cold, low-spin cycle if you prefer the machine. To prevent shrinkage, it is advised to soak your garment in cold water before placing it in the machine. Dry wool knitwear flat and away from direct heat or sunlight. If pilling occurs after wearing, carefully remove with a fabric comb. Shop women's pants at Lyst, and discover the latest Racil collection today.