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Prada Cropped Wrap Knit Top - Black
Cropped Wrap Knit Top - Black
$1,001$666(30% off)
Carola Zeta
Prada Viscose Blend Top - Orange
Viscose Blend Top - Orange
G&B Negozio Online
Prada Rib Knit Polo Shirt - Gray
Rib Knit Polo Shirt - Gray
$1,149$689(40% off)
Prada Knitted Polo Shirt - Pink
Knitted Polo Shirt - Pink
$907$635(30% off)
Prada Top - Blue
Top - Blue
$678$502(25% off)
Prada Polo Shirt - Metallic
Polo Shirt - Metallic
$800$640(20% off)
Prada Silk Polo 38 - Gray
Silk Polo 38 - Gray
$953$572(40% off)
Il Duomo Novara

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Turn to Prada's collection of tops for your everyday staples. Prada uses only high quality materials for its tops, such as silk, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. Specialising in elevated essentials that are made to last, the label’s range has something to suit every shopper. Prada continues to impress with its wide selection of coveted pieces that always feel modern. High-quality pieces that are made from silk require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Ensure your silk stays in its most beautiful condition by cleaning and storing it properly. We would always recommend checking the instructions on each item’s care label before attempting to launder silk. Some silk products are labelled as strictly ‘Dry Clean Only’, while others have ‘Dry Clean’ as the recommended cleaning method but may also be hand washed or machine washed. Use cool or lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild, non-biological detergent. Leave to soak for a few minutes, then remove excess water by gently pressing instead of wringing or twisting as this can ruin the garment’s shape. Do not use the tumble dryer, instead lay flat to air dry away from direct sunlight. If the care label advises machine washing, then ensure a gentle, cold-water cycle is chosen. If the care label on your silk item says that it can be ironed, then use a low iron setting and ideally iron while it is still slightly damp. For the latest pieces on everyone's wish list, explore our collection of women's Prada tops today.