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Update your closet today with MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela. Shop all the latest designer knitwear in our selection. The variety of styles on offer from MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela means there is something for everyone. MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela's knitwear are a worthy investment, which will work for both casual and formal occasions. Each collection focuses on staple pieces which deliver on both style and versatility, and are sure to become a mainstay in your wardrobe. Wool knitwear need to be cared for properly to ensure they stay looking their best. Proper care and maintenance will help keep wool knitwear in tip-top condition. We advise checking the garment’s care label to ensure the cleaning method you plan to use will not cause shrinkage. Wool is a soft, natural fiber that can be prone to shrinking if not cared for properly. If your wool item is structured, such as a blazer, suit, or coat, then we recommend to spot clean. Hand washing is often the best method for cleaning wool, as long as the water has a cool temperature and a mild detergent is used. If you prefer to use the machine, always place in a mesh laundry bag first and choose a cool, low-speed cycle. To prevent shrinkage, it is advised to soak your garment in cold water before placing it in the machine. Avoid tumble drying, as it can cause shrinkage, ruin the look of the fabric or become damaged. Knitted items should not be hung, instead fold and store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela's knitwear deserves a place in every wardrobe. Shop the label’s collection today.