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Takeshy Kurosawa Pants - Gray
Takeshy Kurosawa
Pants - Gray
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Takeshy Kurosawa is a cool, contemporary Italian label renowned for its cutting-edge take on luxury denim. Combining innovative, high-quality materials, directional silhouettes and an unmistakable twist of rock and roll energy, the brand now delivers a full collection of men's Takeshy Kurosawa sweats, T-shirts, outerwear, accessories and denim, geared towards trend-conscious urbanites worldwide. For the men's Takeshy Kurosawa sweats collection, expect to see everything from edgy dropped-crotch trackpants to oversized sweaters with longline hems or asymmetric cuts. In cool, muted shades of khaki, charcoal and dove gray, these pieces will lend an effortlessly hip finish to your off-duty closet.