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Stone Island Knit Beanie - Blue
Stone Island
Knit Beanie - Blue
Saks Fifth Avenue
Stone Island N08c8 Wool Beanie - Black
Stone Island
N08c8 Wool Beanie - Black
$302$212(30% off)
Stone Island Wool Beanie - Black
Stone Island
Wool Beanie - Black
Saks Fifth Avenue
Stone Island Wool Beanie - Gray
Stone Island
Wool Beanie - Gray
Saks Fifth Avenue
Stone Island Bucket Hat - Black
Stone Island
Bucket Hat - Black
$135$94(30% off)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Stone Island Cap - Gray
Stone Island
Cap - Gray - Gray
$176.40$123(30% off)
Aphrodite 1994

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Rain, shine or blistering cold, Stone Island's hats can take on every condition. The thick design on the label's ribbed and knit beanies, make them winter-ready accessories that will no doubt keep you cozy, while its retro-inspired baseball caps protect you direct sunlight. Look to Stone Island's monochrome styles to come in handy on understated days, and switch to its vibrant alternatives when you're planning on getting noticed.

The Stone Island Hat Buying Guide

Taking inspiration from workwear and military uniforms, Stone Island’s extensive hat range features everything from high-performance baseball caps to knitted balaclavas. Made from high-quality fabrics, Stone Island’s men’s hats are suitable for every condition — keeping you warm in the winter or keeping the sun away in the Summer months. All of Stone Island’s pieces are beautifully crafted in Italy and come in an array of different styles, materials, and designs to ensure there is a hat to suit everyone.

Ahead, take a look at our Stone Island men’s hat buying guide, which will help you decide on the style that works for you and how to keep it looking its best. 

The Most Wanted Stone Island Men’s Hats

  • Stone Island Beanie Hats

    A Stone Island beanie hat is a staple in any wardrobe. Made from 100% wool and always displaying the Stone Island logo proudly, the brand’s beanie hats are a cold-weather essential. With so many different designs and colors to choose from, there’s a beanie hat to complement every outfit. 

  • Stone Island Five-Panel Baseball Caps

    Stone Island Five-Panel caps exude individualism and style. Made from 100% cotton, with a flat brim and various multicolor designs, these caps can make even the simplest outfit look good. With most embroidered with a signature compass, 5-Panel caps have quickly become a Stone Island favorite.

  • Stone Island Balaclavas

    Stone Island has created a collection of balaclavas that people want to wear in everyday life. Providing warmth, comfort, and stand-out style, balaclavas have become one of the most iconic pieces that Stone Island creates. Most are made from a wool-blend for enhanced softness and durability.

How To Care For Your Stone Island Hat

To clean your Stone Island hat, we would recommend you hand wash only, especially when it comes to the brand’s beanies or balaclavas due to the high-quality cotton and wool fabrics used. To dry after hand washing, lay flat and air dry. We would advise not to machine wash or tumble dry your hat to ensure it maintains its shape, fit and feel. 


What are Stone Island hats made from?

There’s such a variety of hats within the Stone Island range that materials will vary, but most hats are made from either cotton, 100% wool or wool-blends. You can expect each design to have a high-quality finish. 

How can you tell that your Stone Island hat is real?

In 2014, Stone Island launched a garment authentication service. The brand uses Certilogo® technology so you can check the authenticity of any product using a 12-digit Certilogo code. This code is found on the security label inside products and can be checked on the brand’s website. With such a forward-thinking concept, it’s easy to tell if your Stone Island hat is authentic.

How delicate are Stone Island hats?

Stone Island hats have been created to last, and will keep their shape and fit if cared for correctly. Of course, they might experience some wear and tear over time. 

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