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When it comes to gym bags from Alexander McQueen, Lyst has you covered. When it comes to canvas gym bags, Lyst has you covered. The variety of styles on offer means there is something for everyone. Combining a minimalist design with expert craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why these pieces are so popular. Each piece is crafted with care using materials like canvas, and every detail is carefully considered. The label merges functional, comfortable qualities with its signature design aesthetic to create pieces that will work for a range of occasions. They’ll look great dressed up or down, ensuring there is something to suit every occasion in the label’s reliable collection. High-quality pieces that are made from canvas require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. To prolong the original condition of your gym bags, we advise spot cleaning the item. Avoid rubbing the fabric as this can cause further damage and staining, dab firmly instead.Use a mild detergent or fabric soap, and gently work into the stained area. Rinse the cloth and then work out the soap from the canvas. For colored canvas, ensure a non-bleaching soap is used and spot test to check that the color does not fade. For tougher stains, pre-treat with a stain remover spray before attempting to launder. Allow to air dry.Wrinkles can be removed by ironing or steaming. The brand offers a wide range of seasonal staples and future classics that belong in every wardrobe. Discover and shop the label’s latest collections today.