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Update your closet today with 8 by YOOX. Shop all the latest designer shorts in our selection. The variety of styles on offer from 8 by YOOX means there is something for everyone. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of 8 by YOOX' collection. Exceedingly versatile and free from any trend-driven details, the 8 by YOOX' collection offers an easy way to refresh your wardrobe. Cotton items are a great investment, and it pays to care for them properly. Well cared for cotton shorts will last longer, we would always recommend checking the individual care label for each piece and follow the instructions carefully. Cotton is durable, soft and comfortable, but it does need to be cared for properly to ensure it doesn’t shrink. It’s simple to care for too, and most pieces can be washed in the machine at 30°C unless specified otherwise on the care label. Choosing a cycle with a moderate temperature instead of hot will help prevent damage and shrinkage to cotton and cotton-blend garments. After washing, avoid using a tumble dryer, and instead leave cotton to air dry naturally. Iron when slightly damp and turn inside out, as this will make ironing easier and ensures a smooth finish. Store in a cool, dry place and hang if possible to prevent wrinkles from forming. Choose from a wide range of styles in our selection. There’s something here for everybody.

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