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Leather Fanny Pack - Black
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Lacoste's belt bags are defined by modern luxury and expert craftsmanship. Whether they're real leather or vegan, these belt bags provide a sophisticated way to carry your belongings.

If your canvas is looking dirty and in need of a refresh, we would recommend spot cleaning the item. Use a mild detergent or fabric soap, and gently work into the stained area. Remove the soap with a clean, damp cloth. For colored canvas, ensure a non-bleaching soap is used and spot test to check that the color does not fade. If you do need to clean canvas that is extremely dirty, machine wash on a normal cycle with hot water. Allow the canvas to air dry naturally. Wrinkles can be removed by ironing or steaming.

High-quality belt bags that are made from leather require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. In-between professional cleans, you can maintain the leather by removing any excess dirt first and then work a specialist leather cleaner in with a soft cloth. Follow by polishing, which helps leather items regain their shine. Choose from a wide range of belt bags in Lacoste's selection. There’s something here for everybody.