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When it comes to jeans from Forever 21, Lyst has you covered. The brand’s commitment to expert craftsmanship endures, with each piece using materials such as denim. Jeans from Forever 21 are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. There's a reason Forever 21's women's jeans are so covetable! Once you’ve invested in a denim item, preserving the fabric is a must. In order to keep denim in its original condition for longer, we recommend following the specific instructions on the care label that is stitched into every garment. If cared for correctly, your favourite denim will last you a lifetime. When using a washing machine, select a cold, gentle cycle and turn inside out to minimise colour loss and fading. We recommend washing every three to five wears, as reducing the number of times you clean denim will preserve its shape. Dryers can cause shrinking, so always hang up denim to air dry. Even if care instructions include dry cleaning, do so sparingly as it is not usually recommended. For a guaranteed way to add an air of effortlessness to your look, shop our range of women's designer jeans from Forever 21.