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Update your closet today with Bliss and Mischief. Shop all the latest designer tops in our selection. Bliss and Mischief takes particular care in sourcing the finest materials for its range of tops, so expect pieces made from silk. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of Bliss and Mischief's collection. Striking a fine balance between classic and contemporary, Bliss and Mischief's tops convey the brand’s signature aesthetic perfectly. Regular care and maintenance will help keep silk in its original condition for longer. Ensure your silk tops stays beautiful for years to come by cleaning and storing it properly. We would advise checking the instructions on each item’s care label before attempting to launder silk. Some silk products are labelled as strictly ‘Dry Clean Only’, while others have ‘Dry Clean’ as the recommended cleaning method but may also be hand washed or machine washed. It is advised to clean silk using a lower temperature to other fabrics, as hot water can affect the material’s natural properties and damage to the fibers. We also recommend selecting a specially-formulated silk detergent, which will be gentler on its natural proteins. Spot treat stubborn stains with cool water mixed with either lemon juice or diluted white vinegar, only once it has been tested on an inconspicuous area first. The high temperatures of the tumble dryer can shrink or damage silk, so lying flat and allowing to air dry naturally is best. If machine washing is advised on the item’s care label, choose a gentle, lower-temperature spin cycle. If the care label on your silk item says that it can be ironed, then use a low iron setting and ideally iron while it is still slightly damp. Discover the latest selection of Bliss and Mischief tops at Lyst. Shop today.