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When it comes to sweats from Alala, Lyst has you covered. The brand’s commitment to expert craftsmanship endures, with each piece using materials such as lace. Sweats from Alala are the finishing touches your wardrobe has been missing. There's a reason Alala's women's sweats are so covetable! Once you’ve invested in a lace item, keeping it looking its best is a must. If cared for properly, lace sweats can last for years. We recommend hand washing lace in cool water with a high-quality, gentle soap for the best results. Simply place the garment into the water and use a gentle swishing action to clean. Avoid rubbing when cleaning, and rinse well. Instead of wringing or twisting, gently press out any excess water to prevent damaging the fabric. Allow to air dry flat, and never put lace in the tumble dryer. If the item’s care label instructions specify that machine washing is possible, always set on a gentle spin cycle and place in a mesh laundry bag to protect against snags and damage. Shop women's sweats at Lyst, and discover the latest Alala collection today.

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