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The 5 Biggest Shopping Trends Influenced by the Street Style at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is over, and in just a week, show-goers gave us all the inspiration we’ll need to finish the year in style. Lyst’s data team monitored real-time search data over the past seven days, and these are the key street style trends that instantly sent people searching and browsing online.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

1. Colours

The street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week was especially colourful this season, but three hues stood out amongst the crown of show-goers. Searches for all things orange saw an increase of 34% over the past week, with dresses and shirts in this bright colourway showing consistent growth since the beginning of July.

Neon pink was another popular choice on the streets of the Danish capital, worn by the likes of Emili Sindlev, Thora Valdimars, Jeanette Madsen, and Darja Barannik. It inspired a 14% rise in searches on Lyst over the past few days.

Despite bright colours reigning supreme on the catwalks and the streets, more subtle, pastel hues are still proving popular. Searches for pastel pieces collectively increased by 43% since the beginning of Copenhagen Fashion Week, with pink and blue being particularly in demand. Pink jackets and pink blazers saw the greatest increase in searches month on month, being currently up by 50%.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

2. Florals

To attend the Spring/Summer 2020 shows in Copenhagen, many street style stars stepped out in bright red floral prints, which have since become popular on Lyst: currently up 200% month on month, searches grew an additional 25% this week following Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Over the past week, the most viewed floral-print dresses on Lyst were Stine Goya’s Judy frilled-collar woven dress, Cynthia Rowley’s Penelope orange blossom dress, and Ganni’s printed wrap dress.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

3. Logos

Logos remain a powerful trend, with many Fashion Week attendees sporting them in different ways. From the simplicity of pool slides to tights, skirts, and shirts, monogrammed items are once more becoming a must-have amongst fashion lovers.

Demand for statement, monogrammed pieces such as tops, tights, and bags has been on the rise over the past seven days. Specific searches for “logo t-shirts” have seen a 1,900% increase month on month, with pieces from Burberry and Balenciaga being the most viewed over the last week on Lyst.

With vacation season well underway, as well as fashion’s newfound love for flat sandals, searches for logo slides have seen a 262% increase week on week; both Givenchy’s 3D logo slides and Fendi’s buckled slides were searched more than 1,000 times over the last seven days.

Meanwhile, ahead of the start of the Autumn season, searches for “monogrammed” and “logo” tights have seen a combined increase of 21% week on week, with brands like Gucci and Fendi being the most searched for.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

4. Jewellery

After years of being dominated by dainty pieces, the jewellery market has started to shift. Earrings are getting bigger, necklaces are getting chunkier, however, mix-and-matching, as well as layering, remain the preferred go-to styling tricks. Spotted on the likes of Tine Andrea, Darja Barannik, and Janka Polliani, chunky gold chain necklaces saw a 61% rise in searches over the past week.

Meanwhile, Sophie Bille Brahe’s eponymous jewellery line has also seen a significant jump in demand, with searches for her elegant and avant-garde pearl pieces going up 47% on Lyst in the days following the start of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

When it comes to jewellery, the most searched key-words are “pearls” and “gold.” As for the most wanted products over the past week, they were Prada’s chunky chain link necklace, Orit Elhanati’s gold plated necklace, and Alighieri’s charm necklace.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding

5. Blazers

Undoubtedly influenced by the imminent change of seasons, as well as the inspiring style spotted during Copenhagen Fashion Week, demand for outerwear and jackets is starting to pick up. Shoppers are currently actively searching for blazers, with views increasing 55% over the last week. The most used search terms alongside blazers are “oversized,” “tailored,” and “beige.”


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