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Rihanna has an inimitable sense of style unlike any other! Combining a passion for urban street style with a wardrobe full of high end pieces and a touch of glamourous je ne sais quoi, everything she wears looks effortlessly fabulous!

Her best looks may sometimes be outlandish, but Rihanna definitely knows how to attract attention for all the right reasons. Whether she’s hitting the town in simple jeans and heels or stealing the show at the Met Gala dressed like a couture Pope, Riri is the queen of style that makes a statement.

Go bold, or go home!

Source: Instagram @Melzy917

Whilst Rihanna often wears couture gowns from high profile designers such as Dior and Versace, she also champions more innovative and up and coming couturiers.  She regularly wears gowns, like the one above, by Molly Goddard, a cool London designer who instinctively understands Rihanna’s quirky sense of style. Even in fluffy, high-end couture, Riri injects a street style edge into the outfit by pairing her gown with a pair of crisp white kicks. If you want to wear trainers with a dress like Rihanna then look for ones with a thick, chunky sole to create a sense of balance and juxtaposition between the two pieces.

Alexander McQueen Suede-trimmed Leather Exaggerated-sole Sneakers

£322.00 See Here

Experiment with Texture

Source: Instagram @Melzy917

When it comes to Rihanna’s style, we’ve learnt to expect the unexpected. As well as broadening our horizons to bold colours and shapes, that means she also regularly surprises us by adding new textures into her outfits. Maribou feathers have a reputation for being froufrou and feminine, but when Rihanna wears them they look edgy and unusual. Look for feather trims on both wardrobe essentials and shoes, and you’ll be red carpet ready in no time! Don’t forget to pile on as many accessories as possible: because who ever said ‘less is more’ clearly wasn’t trying to dress like Rihanna! We love the double skinny belt detail in this outfit, which could easily be replicated for more low-key occasions too.

Brother Vellies Palms Feather-embellished Satin Mules

£246.00 See Here

Sophisticated in Satin

Source: Instagram @Melzy917

Although Rihanna is best known for her urban and edgy style, she also looks amazing when she chooses an outfit that is sleek and sophisticated. Pairing a simple Prada satin shift mid dress with Sergio Rossi block square heels and her hair pulled away from her face in a minimalist chignon, this outfit is summer evening style at its very best. Every girl needs a simple, statement dress that they can wear to any red-carpet occasion, and this is one of Rihanna’s best looks to date. Note that, as usual, her make up is also absolutely on point! Not surprising for the celebrity behind the fast-growing Fenty beauty brand, which is set to give the Kardashians and their many beauty labels a run for their money. If in doubt, add a slick of matte, dark lipstick for instant Rihanna style.

Hillier Bartley Gray Silk-satin Dress

£750.00 See Here

Sergio Rossi Metallic Leather Sandals

£285.00 See Here


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