Morgane Le Caer | 01.30.19 | Celebrity

Emily Blunt and the Case For “Vagina Fashion”

A Photo of Emily Blunt at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2019
Photo: Sarah Morris / Getty Images

Once photos of Emily Blunt at the Screen Actors Guild Awards started circulating on the web, it didn’t take very long for people to liken her dress to a vagina. Designed by Michael Kors, Blunt’s pink, floor-sweeping gown featured ruffled sleeves that immediately caught the attention of numerous internet users due to — you guessed it — their vulva-like appearance. Just a few hours following her appearance on the red carpet, social mentions were up by a staggering 1,888%; and while the design was a little bit mocked on social media, it was also praised for being “a celebration of a vagina.

Of course, it’s not the first time that “vagina fashion” has been making the headlines. Back in October 2018, eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that Italian house Fendi had released a peachy-coloured, fur-trimmed shawl, which was immediately dubbed the “vulva” scarf. A few months prior, South Korean designer Kaimin debuted “vagina wigs” on the runway — which boosted the brand’s social mentions by over 233% — while British jeweller Theo Fennell released a pendant that also very much looked like a vagina.

Whether those creations were meant to resemble vaginas or not, they might be a sign that the fashion industry has decided to embrace the female form in a brand new way, perhaps in the hope that it might empower women in a post #MeToo era. And as for customers, they seem to be on board with the idea. Following its release, Fendi’s “vulva” scarf quickly sold out online, and searches for Michael Kors immediately increased by 20% on Lyst after Emily Blunt’s appearance at the SAG Awards.


Morgane Le Caer

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