Women's Pink Rough Gem Half-hoops (opal)

From $300

About)). Opals are at their best, I think, in their unrefined state. This is how they look straight out of the earth, without facets, polishing, or any other fussy treatments. We've taken special care to try to match gems by hue, but expect yours to have chips, cracks, inclusions, dark spots, remnants of neighboring rock: all fascinating "flaws" that make them more lovable. Each precious stone is set by hand and attached to a curved hoop which is meant to be threaded through your earlobe front-to-back. Details)). Made by hand in our Brooklyn studio. Materials: Gold fill or 14k gold, opals. Measurements: Each stone is slightly irregular, but most measure about 1/4" in diameter. Hoops are 1/2". Inspiration)). Opal: Protects the user during meditation and shamanic journeys. Enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. Promotes a sense of calm security. Wards off nightmares. Can reverse a run of bad luck. Helps to identify and release old wounds, fears and anger. Color: pink

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