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About)). These hibiscus-colored rubies are in their natural state, unpolished and irregularly shaped. We've carefully hand-set each one in a four-pronged mounting. Yours will look similar to (but not exactly the same as) the ones pictured here. Take note: rubies are the birthstone of July. Also, since the ruby represents romance and devotion, it is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Details)). Age: contemporary. Made by hand in New York City. Materials: 14k yellow gold, ruby. Measurements: Setting height is roughly 5/8". Lead Time/ Terms of Sale: Please allow 6 weeks for us to build this ring to your exact specifications. It is non-returnable and not eligible for exchange. Inspiration)). Rubies are the color of blood, so naturally they have symbolized courage and bravery throughout history. Burmese warriors were said to have implanted rubies under their skin to bring them valor in battle and make them invincible. The red stones were used by the ancients as talismans against disaster and to stop bleeding. A ruby's intense color was thought to come from an undying flame inside the stone - or, as some legends would have it, a piece of the planet Mars. We can use this gemstone's fire to light the way through our darkest fears. Rubies are associated with passion and love; when you meditate with one, it is beneficial to your heart and your root chakra. Ruby, an aphrodisiac, allows one to experience all forms of love, from wild sensuality to mystical communion. Color: red