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DSquared² Down Vest - Orange
Down Vest - Orange
C$1,039C$623(40% off)
DSquared² Quilted Padded Vest - Orange
Quilted Padded Vest - Orange
C$851C$688(15% off)
MISBHV 'recordings' Vest - Orange
'recordings' Vest - Orange
C$729C$292(60% off)
DSquared² Ripstop Nylon Vest - Orange
Ripstop Nylon Vest - Orange
C$811C$584(25% off)
DSquared² Coats Orange
Coats Orange - Orange
C$674C$499(25% off)
DSquared² Waistcoat - Orange
Waistcoat - Orange
C$1,094C$547(50% off)
C.P. Company Hooded Gilet - Orange
C.P. Company
Hooded Gilet - Orange
C$834C$667(20% off)

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When it comes to cotton jackets, Lyst has you covered. The variety of styles on offer means there is something for everyone. Combining a minimalist design with expert craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why these pieces are so popular. By taking time to care for your cotton, you’ll ensure your item remains in pristine condition for years to come. Ensure your cotton jackets stays beautiful for years to come by cleaning and storing it properly. We would advise following the instructions on the label carefully to ensure the longevity of each cotton piece. Cotton is a popular material that is used in a wide range of garments due to its softness and durability, and is also easy to care for. Whether your garment is cotton or cotton-blend, there is the possibility that it may shrink if not properly cared for. To prevent this happening it is recommended to use water that is 30°C or below, either by hand or in the washing machine. Limit the use of bleach on cotton items, as this can damage the fibres. Once clean, allow to air dry instead of using the tumble dryer. Remove any wrinkles and creases by ironing inside out on a low heat when cotton is still slightly damp, or use steam. Discover our huge selection of the brand’s waistcoats to find your perfect look.

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