Face Masks: Searches for face masks remain high, they have increased 510% since the beginning of the year to the start of May. As an alternative to face masks, shoppers are also looking for scarves: page views for scarves are up 33% in the past month year on year, at a time when the seasonal demand for this category would be much lower.

Watermelon Fashion: In less than 24hours following the release of Harry Styles’s music video for “Watermelon Sugar,” searches for the key word “watermelon” have increased 11%. Meanwhile, searches for Bode shirts have increased 31% and Hawaiian-themed pieces 16%, while searches for crochet pieces have increased 6%.

Men in Pink: Searches for pink menswear pieces are up 124% since the beginning of May. The most popular categories for pink menswear are sweats, T-shirts and sneakers.

Evil Eye Jewellery: People have been searching for evil eye jewelry likely inspired by the necklace Meghan Markle wore on a recent zoom call – searches have risen 58% month on month.

Wrap Dresses: As searches for dresses are up 13% week-on-week, wrap dresses have seen the greatest spike in demand (11%).