While it’s still too early to truly understand the fashion impact of the 2010s, we already know a few key facts. Over the past decade, our shopping got greener and our clothes more political; our skirts got longer and our bags smaller; streetwear and athleisure moved from the periphery of the fashion industry to its core; sweatshirts went fashion, sneakers got weirder, everything went millennial pink and leggings got (very) expensive.

Influencers of the decade

During these ten years, we also said hello to Instagram and goodbye to skinny jeans. The Kardashian-Jenner gang took over the fashion world, and thanks to numerous collaborations and the fashion lines of Rihanna, Kanye and Beyoncé, we got to dress like pop stars.

Cult products of the decade

The end of this decade also marks ten years of Lyst. So, to celebrate our first double-digit birthday, we dove into all the fashion insights we have collected over the years and looked back at the hottest shoes, most popular bags, cult items and style icons that made us want to shop and defined each of these ten incredible years.