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Pegged as the original luggage brand to sport iconic grooves, women's RIMOWA luggage is steeped in history and character. Born of the days when commercial air travel had only just begun to soar into popular culture, RIMOWA laid the cornerstone of travel accessories. With innovative design and the signature lines, wherever you go your RIMOWA luggage will be instantly recognised as a premium, heritage brand. Unique and distinctive, choose bright and fun colours or sophisticated darker hues.

The RIMOWA Luggage Buying Guide

RIMOWA understand the stress that can come along with travel. That’s why the German label has dedicated itself to crafting some of the highest quality luggage on the market. Using innovative materials and streamlined designs, RIMOWA offers a range of pieces fit for even the most demanding trips. Ahead, take a look at our RIMOWA luggage buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you and how to keep them looking their best. 

The Most Wanted RIMOWA Luggage

  • Essential Lite Cabin Luggage

    RIMOWA’s Essential Lite Cabin Luggage proudly boasts being the label’s lightest design. Made from a hard-wearing polycarbonate construction, it features two carry handles and one telescopic handle. Throw in your weekend essentials and you’re good to go. 

  • Original Check-in Luggage

    Longer haul travels require a roomy piece of luggage with a sturdy construction - sounds like a job for the Original Check-in Luggage by RIMOWA. Using time-tested anodized aluminum to form its exterior, makes sense that it’s one of the label’s bestsellers. 

  • Classic Cabin Luggage

    As classic as they come, the aptly-named Classic Cabin Luggage offers all the functionality one could ask for from an overhead companion. The sleek style is crafted from high-grade anodized aluminum alloy with leather handles and riveted corners. 

How To Care For Your Rimowa Luggage

RIMOWA luggage is designed to last, though some care is needed to ensure it stays looking its best. To maintain a fresh look, it is recommended to:

• Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

• Should the marks persist, use simple alcohol to clean the surface.

• For light scuffs, try the RIMOWA’s wax-free polish & repair paste (not recommended for matte surfaces).

• To clean the leather components, it is recommended to use a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth to gently remove any surface dirt.


Are warranties available for RIMOWA luggage?

Proving its dedication to top-quality design, RIMOWA offers five-year warranties for all models. Just enter the details of your purchase on the RIMOWA site to register. What’s better is that the label also offers a repair survive that means fixing any issues that may arise from your travels before you have to check-out. Search ‘hotel repairs’ on the brand’s site for details.

Is personalization available?

Prefer a truly unique piece of luggage? The RIMOWA UNIQUE service allows you to pick and choose your own colorways and trims. Play with different combinations by searching ‘RIMOWA UNIQUE’ on the brand’s website. 

What materials are used to make RIMOWA luggage?

RIMOWA uses aluminium-magnesium alloy and polycarbonate to create its range of luggage. To add stretch to the aluminium designs, each piece is treated with a high-end anodization layering procedure and is fully recyclable. The polycarbonate material is known for its light weight and supreme strength - it’s often used to create bulletproof glass and body armour. 

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