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RED Valentino Dress With Bow - Black
RED Valentino
Dress With Bow - Black
A$753A$614(15% off)
RED Valentino The Tag Dress 40 - Black
RED Valentino
The Tag Dress 40 - Black
A$1,046A$683(35% off)
RED Valentino Jacquard Minidress - Black
RED Valentino
Jacquard Minidress - Black
A$935A$654(30% off)
RED Valentino Lace Minidress - Purple
RED Valentino
Lace Minidress - Purple
A$1,770A$1,239(30% off)
RED Valentino Long Wool Dress - Black
RED Valentino
Long Wool Dress - Black
A$913A$536(40% off)
RED Valentino Ruffled Dress - Black
RED Valentino
Ruffled Dress - Black
A$1,949A$1,364(30% off)
RED Valentino Jersey Mini Dress - Black
RED Valentino
Jersey Mini Dress - Black
A$764A$551(25% off)
RED Valentino Dress Elegant - Black
RED Valentino
Dress Elegant - Black
A$837A$620(25% off)
RED Valentino Midi Dress - Pink
RED Valentino
Midi Dress - Pink
A$1,088A$632(40% off)
RED Valentino Dresses - Black
RED Valentino
Dresses - Black
A$725A$537(25% off)
RED Valentino Long Denim Dress - Blue
RED Valentino
Long Denim Dress - Blue
A$1,159A$811(30% off)
RED Valentino Sleeveless Dress - Black
RED Valentino
Sleeveless Dress - Black
A$1,365A$956(30% off)
RED Valentino Flounces Long Dress With Bow - Black
RED Valentino
Flounces Long Dress With Bow - Black
A$1,804.72A$1,286(25% off)

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RED Valentino dresses are eccentric and romantic: a winning combination that fits with the mood of right now. From flirty fit-and-flare styles to jumper dresses and sheer gowns, RED Valentino has designs to suit a variety of situations; day-to-day dressing, parties, work and events are sorted. The range doesn't skip on intricate details either; think embroidery, print and layered fabrics.

The RED Valentino Dresses Buying Guide

RED Valentino is the sister line of the iconic and internationally well-known brand, Valentino. RED Valentino is a youthful label that brings a more contemporary style from a luxury brand to the world. The RED stands for Romantic Eccentric Dress. This is one of the main focuses of the brand – to produce romantic and eccentric dresses. All of the dresses that are produced by RED Valentino perfectly mesh with current trends and the brand is even pushing the fashion boundaries and setting new trends. The dress collection by RED Valentino features an array of designs, from embellished mini dresses to sleek evening gowns. The collection is full of beautiful dresses with individual, intricate details. There’s something for every woman within the RED Valentino dress collection, and each and every dress is breathtaking.

Ahead, take a look at our RED Valentino dresses buying guide, which will help you discover some of the most wanted and most desirable dresses by RED Valentino, along with a care guide and a sizing guide. The most frequently asked questions about RED Valentino dresses are also answered.

The Most Wanted RED Valentino Dresses

  • RED Valentino Pleated Pois Mesh Dress

    The RED Valentino Pleated Pois Mesh dress is an utterly feminine design that has a contemporary and modern feel to it. This is the perfect dress to wear to formal occasions and it’s an ideal dress to have in the closet, just in case something pops up on your event calendar. The dress features transparent pois mesh.material on the neckline and ruffled sleeves in the same delicate see-through fabric. The dress features a more fitted bodice and a pleated skirt that floats beautifully. This creates a defined waist. The lace details feature on the hem and the neckline of the dress, adding an elegant and graceful touch to the dress. This is an ethereal dress and will make any woman feel undeniably feminine. 

  • RED Valentino Embellished Polka-dot Tulle Gown

    RED Valentino creates beautifully and intricately designed evening gowns, and this Embellished Polka-dot Tulle gown is no exception to this. This gown has a bohemian chic feeling to it whilst still remaining elegant and perfect for formal occasions. The tulle that the dress is made from and draped in has glitter polka-dots all over it. When the light shimmers, the reflective, glittery polka-dots cause the dress to light up. The dress has a figure-hugging fit, features a crew neckline and ballooned sleeves. The baby blue of the dress adds a pop of color to an already impeccably designed dress.  

  • RED Valentino Floral Tank Dress

    The RED Valentino dress collection also features shorter dresses, like the RED Valentino Floral Tank dress. This dress is a mini dress in length, and although it features less fabric than the other dresses within the RED Valentino collection, it still oozes the same amount of class and elegance. The fit of this dress is exceptional and will flatter any woman that wears it, regardless of their body shape. The dress has a tight bodice and a skirt that juts out more. The separation of the top and bottom of the dress creates an accentuated waist in the silhouette. The dress’s main color is black, but it also features a floral print in colors like red and white. The floral print looks like a hand painted watercolor. This dress is like a reinvented version of the LBD (Little Black Dress). 

RED Valentino Size Guide

RED Valentino uses Italian sizing, so it might be slightly confusing if you are trying to order a dress and you’re not sure which size you need to choose. You can take a look at the sizing guide below to help you with this. For example, if you are a US size 4, you will need to choose a RED Valentino dress in an Italian size 42.


How to Care for your RED Valentino dress

The majority of RED Valentino dresses need to either be hand washed or professionally dry cleaned due to the delicate materials used. Never machine wash or tumble dry a RED Valentino dress. We always recommend checking the care label on the inside of the garment before deciding how you should clean a RED Valentino dress. 


Where are RED Valentino dresses made?

Just like Valentino, RED Valentino dresses are made in Italy.

Does RED Valentino cater to petite women?

RED Valentino doesn’t have a specific range for petite women. However, the smallest size available in RED Valentino dresses is a US size 2.

Is the RED Valentino label exclusively for younger women?

No, the RED Valentino label produces garments for all ages. The label just puts a large emphasis on creating more youthful designs and contemporary styles than Valentino.

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