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Polo Ralph Lauren Down Jacket - Black
Polo Ralph Lauren
Down Jacket - Black
Michele Franzese Moda
Polo Ralph Lauren Logo Bomber Jacket - Blue
Polo Ralph Lauren
Logo Bomber Jacket - Blue
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Relaxed casual, contemporary stylish are the first thoughts that come to mind when you take a look at the men's jacket options from Polo Ralph Lauren. As one of the most trusted brands west side of the Atlantic the brand has been reshaping and redefining the fashion industry ever since its strong beginnings. Whether you're in need of a new sport coat for the office or a sharp leather jacket there's no need to fuss about your appearance when you slip on a Polo Ralph Lauren jacket because you'll always be looking good with such modern style.

The Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets Buying Guide

If you’re looking for something relaxed and casual, without compromising on contemporary style, Ralph Lauren’s men's Polo jackets are a must-have. This trusted global brand is renowned for its high-quality sports coats and sharp leather jackets. Sleek, preppy, and youthful, they combine sharp silhouettes, classic colors, and comfortable designs, making them ideal for active and urban wear alike.

Below, you'll find a handy buyer's guide to men’s Polo Ralph Lauren jackets. Hopefully, this will help you find a size and style that match your tastes perfectly. Read on to find out more. 

The Most Wanted Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Casual Jackets

    These Polo Ralph Lauren casual and relaxed looking jackets exude an effortless elegance. From the quintessentially American varsity-style jackets to comfortable fleeces to bomber jackets, Polo Ralph Lauren has a casual style to suit near-on any occasion.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets

    The Polo Ralph Lauren leather jackets are durable, refined, and oh-so-sophisticated. Timelessly styled, these versatile jackets are made out of a variety of leathers and suedes. From windbreakers to bomber jackets, Polo Ralph Lauren’s leatherwear offers something for everyone. 

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Down and Padded Jackets

    If you’re looking to brace the winter weather in a warm, comfortable coat that radiates style, the padded or down jackets from Polo Ralph Lauren are the perfect solution. Designed for weather resistance, these winter coats are available in a variety of styles and designs ranging from parkas to hybrid jackets, to padded hooded coats and down jackets. 

The Men’s Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets Sizing Guide

Below is a chart outlining the measurements corresponding to Polo Ralph Lauren's sizes in inches and centimeters. This is just a guide, so the measurements may vary slightly for different products. For more information on length and sizing, visit the individual product page for more specific details.

To find the right size for you, measure your chest, neck, and waist. To measure your neck, place a measuring tape around the middle of the neck (starting at the Adam’s apple). Allow space for an index finger between the tape and your neck for the most comfortable fit. Alternatively, you can measure a dress shirt that fits you comfortably and use that as a reference.

To measure your chest, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades, keeping it level and parallel to the floor. Keep your arms to your sides as you measure.

For the waist, keep the tape flush against your body and measure around your natural waistline, starting from the navel.


How To Care For Your Polo Ralph Lauren Jacket

To ensure your jacket lasts for years to come, it's essential to maintain and clean it according to the precise instructions found on the care label. Of course, the right care depends on the exact product and materials, but here are a few general bits of advice on caring for your jacket:

• If possible, always dry clean down jackets. Washing them at home can result in a reduction in loftiness and the clotting of the down feathers.

• Spot clean the exterior of jackets with a cloth dampened with warm water. For leather coats, use a clean cloth with a small amount of leather product and apply it in gentle, circular motions. If you're tackling a tougher stain, allow the coat to dry before repeating this process. Avoid using soapy detergents, as this may dry the leather out.

• Suede coats benefit from an application of suede protector once a year. Before applying this, use an appropriate suede brush to clean the exterior of the jacket gently.


What Are Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets Made Of?

Polo Ralph Lauren uses carefully selected materials to craft high quality, durable coats that can withstand both the weather and the stresses of everyday life.

Materials vary between styles and ranges. Padded jackets are often made with a polyester shell and a nylon lining and filled with white duck down and duck feathers. The shell of the coat is coated with water-repellant.

Leather jackets may be made out of lambskin or cowhide and often come with a polyester lining.

The brand also offers several warm and lightweight jackets made out of fleece. 

What Makes Polo Ralph Lauren Jackets Suitable For Outerwear?

Polo Ralph Lauren has developed a unique application to ensure their coats are as warm as they are weather-combatting. They use a combination of water-repellent fabric with insulating down and cutting-edge technology to resist the elements.

Some coats like the Glacier Heated Down Jacket feature a heating component between the lining that works together with a slender battery pack to effectively warm the upper body.

How Much Are Polo Ralph Lauren's Leather Jackets?

A good quality leather jacket is durable and timeless and will last for years. A high standard of craftsmanship and carefully selected high-quality materials make Polo Ralph Lauren’s leather jackets a premium choice. As such, prices range from $580 to $2,700.