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Nike Swoosh Zip-up Jacket - White
Swoosh Zip-up Jacket - White
A$166A$133(20% off)
Nike Logo Chest-patch Jacket - White
Logo Chest-patch Jacket - White
A$174A$139(20% off)
Nike Nrg Solo Swoosh Jacket - Black
Nrg Solo Swoosh Jacket - Black
A$318.37A$287(10% off)
Nike Sportswear Storm Puffer Jacket - Red
Sportswear Storm Puffer Jacket - Red
A$309.77A$279(10% off)
Nike Jackets Vest - Blue
Jackets Vest - Blue
A$115A$90(20% off)
Nike Revival Tech Fleece Zip - Grey
Revival Tech Fleece Zip - Grey
A$212A$169(20% off)
Nike Down Bubble Jacket - Black
Down Bubble Jacket - Black
A$307A$248(15% off)

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Combining fashion with function, it’s no wonder Nike's men's jackets are so covetable. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these jackets are designed to last. Look to Nike's range of jackets for a simple way to lift your outfit. They’ll look great dressed up or down, ensuring there is something to suit every occasion in the label’s reliable collection. High-quality pieces that are made from synthetic require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Ensure your synthetic stays in its most beautiful condition by cleaning and storing it properly. We recommend checking the individual care label for each piece and follow the instructions carefully. Discover the latest Nike jackets on Lyst. Shop now for new arrivals.

The Nike Jackets Buying Guide

Steeped in sporting history, Nike was originally founded as 'Blue Ribbon Sports' in 1964. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight's iconic brand was relaunched in the 70s and has quickly become the go-to name for quality activewear. Operating all-over the world and collaborating with high-profile names, Nike's products are stylishly comfortable and tailored to all activities. Men's Nike jackets and gilets are designed to protect against all weathers. Running jackets, windbreakers, hoodies and gilets are made from breathable fabrics that allow for an optimal range of motion. Bold colorways and prints add a distinctive contemporary flair.

Leading the way in sportswear styles since the 1960s, Nike continues its reign through constant creation of innovative styles. The label can be seen sported by both some of the world’s top athletes, inspiring those with an affinity for technical designs with top-tier quality constructions. Beyond its every-popular footwear range, Nike produces outerwear garments that please the eye as much as they do protect the wearer. See below for the Lyst men’s Nike jacket buying guide to walk you through the process of selecting the best Nike jacket for you.

The Most Wanted Nike Jackets

  • Nike Windrunner Jackets

    Since its realization in 1979, the Nike Windrunner jacket has been a staple style for the label. The lightweight jacket is defined by its single-layer nylon construction, zip closure and pointed front panel. Though originally designed as a purely functional garment for runners, the jacket is now reimagined in bright colors and bold patterns for sartorial charm.

  • Nike Destroyer Jackets

    The Destroyer jacket is Nike’s rendition one of the most classic American styles to date - the Varsity jacket. Though colorways and constructions can range from timeless black leather to nylon with geometric prints, the spirit of the Nike Destroyer jacket remains cemented in the relaced cut and ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. 

  • Nike Aeroloft Jackets

    Protective technology sits at the core of the Nike Aeroloft jacket, presenting wearers with breathable insulation and a water-resistant finish. The outerwear style is a top choice for golfers, runners and sportswear fans alike. 

The Nike Jacket Sizing Guide

Purchasing the correct size is key to selecting the best Nike jacket for you. To make the process as easy as possible, the below chart will help you find what size to select depending on the measurements of your chest. We suggest taking a measuring tape and measuring the circumference of your chest, placing the tape on the top of your ribs.

For example, if your chest measures at 96cm, you should take a size M in Nike jackets. 


How To Care For Your Nike Jackets

With much of the Nike jackets range formed from nylon and synthetic materials, caring for them is often quite a simple process. Inside each style, you’ll find a care label that breaks down the suggested steps for ensuring you’re cleaning your jacket correctly. By following these instructions, the lifespan of your garment is likely to be extended. For a few general tips on how to wash your Nike jacket, see our steps below.

1. Machine washing jackets constructed from nylon or synthetic materials are often the best method. Unless stated otherwise on the care label, we recommend washing your jacket at a cool or lukewarm temperature and using regular laundry detergent. If your jacket has a unique finish or down padding, hand washing or specialist care may be required.

2. For wool or leather jackets, the specialist cleaner may be required. Leather can be cleaned using a leather cream or oil, applied gently with a soft cloth. Jackets made from wool will likely require a dry cleaning service to ensure it is cleaned properly.

In the warmer months, storing your jacket properly can also be key to the jacket lasting as long as possible. Nylon and synthetic jackets do not require specialist tools or practices to store them safely long-term, though airtight plastic containers are recommended. Wool and leather jackets are best stored with moth-repellent products like cedar chips. For any material, it is recommended to avoid storing garments in damp areas which could encourage foul odors or the deterioration of the fabric.  


What kind of materials are used to make Nike’s jackets?

Nike uses a wide range of materials to create its outerwear range. The selection of fabrics range from ultra-technical constructions to classic jersey cotton for its midlayer styles. Classic premium materials such as wool and leather are also available in some Nike jacket models.

How can I tell if my Nike jacket is authentic?

With its much-coveted status, counterfeit Nike designs are often promoted as true products of the sportswear label. We recommend carefully inspecting the quality of the product to ensure the style is authentic. Purchasing directly through Nike or an authorized retailer will also guarantee that the piece you’re purchasing is a true Nike product. 

Are Nike jackets sustainable?

Sustainability has been a key component of Nike’s designs for decades, often regarded as leading the way for many other sportswear labels to implement environmentally-conscious practices into its production plans. The Move to Zero initiative is Nike’s latest project for reducing its impact on the environment, aiming to enforce a zero carbon and zero waste production line. 

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