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Turn to Maison Kitsuné's collection of sneakers for your everyday staples. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these sneakers are built to last from materials such as canvas. Maison Kitsuné is renowned for creating highly wearable, well-made sneakers. The label is committed to delivering pieces that are not only expertly crafted, but look good and are fully functional, too. Striking a fine balance between classic and contemporary, Maison Kitsuné's sneakers convey the brand’s signature aesthetic perfectly. Canvas items are a great investment, and it pays to care for them properly. To keep canvas sneakers in good condition, proper cleaning and maintenance is key. We suggest spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Canvas is chosen for its durability and sturdiness, yet some canvas sneakers can lose these properties when washed frequently.Clean your canvas product with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, using circular motions to work out the stain. Remove the soap with a clean, damp cloth. For colored canvas, ensure a non-bleaching soap is used and spot test to check that the color does not fade. A stain remover product can be used for more ingrained dirt, and tested on a small discreet area first to check for discoloration. Do not rub to prevent damage to the canvas. Leave to air dry naturally. Iron or steam to remove wrinkles. Pull together any look with sneakers from Maison Kitsuné. Discover all the latest styles today.

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