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Combining fashion with function, it’s no wonder Louis Vuitton's women's holdalls are so covetable. Louis Vuitton uses only high quality materials for its holdalls, such as leather, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. Everything by Louis Vuitton will seamlessly integrate into your existing wardrobe. Pared-back and understated, Louis Vuitton's holdalls defy seasonal trends and will stand the test of time. Regular care and maintenance will help keep leather in its original condition for longer. To prolong the original condition of your holdalls, we would always recommend ensuring the material is free of dust and dirt by giving it a quick clean with a soft brush. Apply a leather protection cream in circular motions before its first use. This protective barrier will help prevent marks and scratches, as well as repelling water and stains. Avoid exposing leather to direct heat sources or humidity. The brand offers a wide range of seasonal staples and future classics that belong in every wardrobe. Shop the collection today.

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