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Update your closet today with Ann Taylor. Shop all the latest designer pants in our selection. Ann Taylor uses only high quality materials for its pants, such as cotton, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. Ann Taylor is renowned for creating highly wearable, well-made pants. The label is committed to delivering pieces that are not only expertly crafted, but look good and are fully functional, too. Look here for highly wearable designs that really go the distance. By taking time to care for your cotton, you’ll ensure your item stays beautiful for years to come. In order to keep cotton in its original condition for longer, we recommend checking the individual care label for each piece and follow the instructions carefully. Cotton is a popular material that is used in a wide range of garments due to its softness and durability, and is also easy to care for. It’s simple to care for too, and most pieces can be washed in the machine at 30°C unless specified otherwise on the care label. Choosing a cycle with a moderate temperature instead of hot will help prevent damage and shrinkage to cotton and cotton-blend garments. Before leaving to air dry, gently stretch or shake once washed to get them back into shape. As some cotton fabrics can crease easily, it is best to iron when slightly damp or use an iron with steam. Ann Taylor's collection of pants is just as covetable as you'd expect. Shop the latest arrivals today.