Virtual Window Shopping: Jewellery 2020

Virtual Window Shopping:


To compile the results of this report, Lyst analysed the online shopping behaviour of more than nine million shoppers a month searching across 12,000 brands and retailers. Tracking spikes in searches, current trends and the impact of a global lockdown, this report highlights the fastest rising categories and micro trends within the jewellery market we have seen online over the past 12 months.

Image source: Alighieri

Searching for Gold

This year, 68% of jewellery shoppers searched for gold pieces. Worn by a host of powerful style influencers such as Emily Ratajkowski, Yara Sahidi, Bettina Looney and Lucy Williams, chunky gold necklaces are the most wanted jewellery trend, with demand rising 113% year-on-year. Also seen on influencers including Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, gold hoop earrings have seen a 51% spike in searches over the last 12 months. 

While gold is the most popular metal choice when it comes to female jewellery shoppers, searches for silver pieces are increasing among male shoppers. Following the release of the TV series Normal People and the creation of the viral @connellschain Instagram account, searches for chain necklaces have increased 23%. Since the launch, “silver” and “chain necklaces” have become some of the most commonly used search terms for male shoppers, with searches up 47% year-on-year. Over the past year, 57% of the searches made for “silver chain necklaces” have been made by men. With a 150% increase in male shoppers this year, men’s jewellery is emerging as a powerful category.


In a period when Zoom calls kept our top halves on display, searches for jewellery increased 28%. During this time, page views for statement necklaces spiked 70%, with terms such as “necklace layering” and “oversized” becoming breakout searches. Brands Missoma and Alighieri drove the most searches for chains and pendants. 

Demand for bold pieces such as oversized drop earrings, chokers, and crystal pendants increased 225% year-on-year collectively; searches for statement earrings increased 35%. Meanwhile, with over 28,000 Instagram posts, April’s viral #DressUpFriday challenge influenced a 13% rise in searches for jewelled headbands over the space of a week.

Image source: Wald Berlin
Image source: Eliou

Joyful Jewels

Worn by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, Billy Porter, and Shawn Mendes, and averaging 11,000 monthly searches since January, pearls have emerged as one of the year’s hottest jewellery trends for men. After Harry Styles was spotted wearing a pearl necklace in December, searches for similar pieces increased 31% and have since continued to drive demand: searches including the term “men’s pearls” have increased 17% year-on-year. Pageviews for freshwater pearl anklets have increased 67% since January, while searches for pearl drop earrings are up 25% year-on-year. 

Meanwhile, embraced by Instagram influencers including Nnenna Echem and Anna Winwick, demand for summer-inspired pieces is rising. Searches for cherry-blossom earrings and lemon-shaped jewellery are respectively up 17% year-on-year, while searches for shell necklaces have increased 56%. 

Symbolic evil eye and zodiac jewelry pieces have been rising in popularity among shoppers. After Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a gold evil eye necklace on a Zoom call, searches for similar pieces increased 36% the following week. Over the lockdown period, more than 10,000 shoppers looked for “evil eye necklaces,” while searches for zodiac signs increased 17%.

Fine-cut Gems

Brooches are the fastest rising fine jewellery category of the year. In February, Timothée Chalamet led the way when he wore a vintage Cartier brooch encrusted with rubies and diamonds to the 2020 Academy Awards; since then, more than 20,000 shoppers have searched for similar jewelled pins. Meanwhile, searches for “turquoise brooches” spiked 86% in the 24 hours following the Queen’s speech in April, making them the fastest rising jewellery category of the year. 

Fine and demi-fine jewelry pieces have seen a significant rise in demand, with searches going up 17% and 36% year-on-year respectively. Since January, ear cuffs and lobe earrings have been the most popular pieces within the demi-fine category. Brands such as Monica Vinader, Maria Tash and Annisa Kermiche have been driving the most searches for chain necklaces and thin bracelets, with demand collectively going up 46% year-on-year. Meanwhile, searches for Tiffany & Co. link bracelets have increased 15%. 

While many weddings have been postponed, searches for engagement rings have remained strong, increasing 50% over the month of April. Colored gems have been the most popular choice for brides-to-be, with online searches increasing 21% since the beginning of the year.

Image source: Laura Lombardi

Sustainable Stones

As the fashion industry continues to develop more sustainable practices, shoppers have increasingly been looking for consciously-made jewellery pieces: searches including words such as “recycled,“sustainable” and “ethical” have increased 15% this year. Brands such as Alighieri, Wwake, and Laura Lombardi — which have been endorsed by the likes of Emma Watson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, and Cate Blanchett — have helped making “recycled gold” a popular search term: demand has jumped 29% year-on-year. Searches for “ethical jewellery” have increased 20% since the beginning of the year. 

Brands to watch: SVNR, Zoe Chicco, Akola, Leigh Miller, Agmes.

Data Drop

Wednesday 04.07.21

Fishnet and crochet bags: Since January, searches for netted and macramé bags have increased by 146%. Most wanted pieces include Prada’s mesh drawstring bag, Staud’s Moreau bag and Nanushka’s Naiya vegan leather bag. Meanwhile, searches for crochet bags are also high, rising 62% over the past two weeks. Most popular styles include those by Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

Cowboy boots: Over the past month, global searches for cowboy boots went up 27% with “croc” and “cow” amongst the most popular search terms. Isabel Marant is the most wanted brand for the style, with page views for the brand’s Denvee boots increasing 19% month-on-month. Other popular pieces include Other Stories’ croc embossed cowboy boots, Paris Texas’ snake effect leather cowboy boots and Ganni’s low Texas boots.

Safari hats: Demand for outdoor and safari-style hats is growing quickly with searches increasing 29% month-on-month. While drawstring hats remain high in searches (+13%), wide-brimmed bucket hats are rising in popularity (+45%). Worn by celebrities and influencers, including Hailey Bieber, searches for Jacquemus’ Artichaut hat increased 157% over the past two weeks. Looking at colors, shoppers are mainly looking for natural, black, white and green hats. Henschel’s Voyager hat, Tommy Bahama’s Pineapple safari hat and Ganni’s Hewson wide brim hat are amongst shoppers’ most wanted items.

Yellow: Searches for yellow pieces have been growing since January and they are currently up 46%. Fashion lovers are looking for “pastel” and “neon” when searching for yellow pieces, while the most searched categories for the color are dresses and sneakers. Most sought-after brands for yellow dresses include Other Stories and Ganni, while Asics's Gel Nimbus 21 are the most wanted yellow sneakers.

'70s style: Demand for '70s-inspired pieces continues to grow; searches for brown suits are up 22% whilst page views for tank tops grew 14% month-on-month. Following the release of The Serpent on Netflix, we’ve also seen a significant increase in global searches inspired by Monique’s bohemian '70s style. Searches for flares (+34%), halter-neck tops (+27%) and printed hair scarves (+13%) have all increased since the series aired at the start of April.

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Data Drop – Wednesday 05.13.20

In Australia

  • Following the cancellation of Australian Fashion Week, searches for local brands are increasing: Dion Lee (+30% week-on-week), Camilla and Marc (+21% week-on-week) and P.E Nation (+15% week-on-week) are the most viewed brands of the week. Other popular brands include St. Agni, Venroy, Ksubi and Aje.
  • Shoppers are searching for track pants - with velour and cashmere being the most searched for styles over the past seven days. Also searches for hoodies are up 16% week-on-week with Nike, Kappa, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger being among the top popular brands.
  • Activewear remains the most wanted category with shoppers searching for matching sports bras and bottoms. Most wanted are those by Adidas and Lululemon.
    -White tank tops are also in high demand – searches have increased 23% month-on-month.
  • Searches for sneakers remain high: currently up 18% week on week. Veja’s Campo sneakers are the most wanted ones over the past week, followed by New Balance’s 530, Adidas Originals’s Rom and Off-White’s Vulcanized low sneakers.


  • The colour White: Fashion searches related to the colour white have seen a significant increase of 52% month on month with both men and women shoppers searching actively for it. Most searched for product categories alongside the color white for female shoppers include dresses, tops and loose pants. On the other hand, male shoppers are more interested in white oversized hoodies, tees and shorts. Searches for white sneakers have also increased by 12% week-on-week.
  • Chunky sandals: Pageviews of chunky dad sandals have been on the rise over the last couple of weeks and are currently up 36% week-on-week. While demand for Prada and Chanel chunky sandals continues to be strong this summer, we have also seen a growing interest for other brands such as Chaco, Cecilie Bahnsen and Dr Martens since the beginning of May.
  • Sunglasses: Searches for sunglasses are up 28% month-on-month. Top sunglasses brands include Gucci, Ray-Ban, Celine and Tom Ford. Aviator sunglasses have been particularly popular with male shoppers, while female shoppers have been searching for cat-eye and oversize styles. 
  • Shorts: Searches for shorts continue to rise, in particular denim. Over the last week there has also been a 40% spike in searches for Bermuda shorts.

    "Staying at Home" Searches

    As the rapid spread of coronavirus Covid-19 continues to affect our daily lives around the world, global fashion search platform Lyst is tracking its effect on our online fashion searches. Right now, millions of people are at home, and many of them are browsing fashion online.

    We’ll be updating this page regularly to share our latest insights from around the world.

    Wednesday 05.06.20


    • Connell’s influence: Following the launch of the TV series ‘Normal People’ searches for chain necklaces spiked 23% week-on-week. Within 24 hours, “silver” and “chain necklace” became the most commonly used search terms for men’s jewellery and searches for men's chains are currently up 16%. 
    • The Last Dance: Since the launch of the documentary searches for Nike’s Jordan 1 have been increasing – they’re currently up 23% week-on-week. Inspired by the documentary, shoppers are also looking for basketball shorts (+12%) and tank tops (+20%).
    • Crocs: The ‘It’ shoe of spring. Searches for Crocs have spiked 32% month-on-month and demand continues to increase. Floral and leopard prints Crocs have been especially popular.
    • Bathrobes: Searches for bathrobes are up 23% week-on-week. Bernadette’s Peignoir floral silk robe is currently the most viewed piece. Most wanted brands for bathrobes include Versace, Gucci and ASOS.
    • Boxing style shorts: Searches for "boxing style shorts" are up 15% week on week. Most sought after styles for this particular type of shorts include "nylon", "satin" and "logo". The 5 most viewed products on Lyst over the past 7 days have been: Nike’s air satin shorts, Prada’s nylon gabardine shorts, Adidas’s  3 stripes shorts, Off-White’s drawstring shorts.
    • Dungarees and overalls: Over the last month searches for dungarees and overalls have increased 34% and 47% respectively. 'Full length' jumpsuits have also increased in searches with white seeing the largest spike in colour.

        By Country

        • In the US, sneakers remain the most wanted category. Following the launch of the first two episodes of the ‘The Last Dance’ searches for Nike’s Air Jordan 1 trainers spiked 36%. 
        • In the UK, shoppers are looking for dungarees, shorts and Veja sneakers. 
        • In Australia, searches for jewellery went up 13% week on week. Shoppers are mainly looking for rings and gold chains.  
        • In Canada, shoppers are looking for loafers and leather slip ons. 
        • In Germany, the most searched term is glasses. As the weather is getting warmer, searches for maxi dresses are increasing. 
        • In Spain, ‘dresses’ remain one of the most viewed categories. Most viewed products of the week include Nike’s Hoxton woven tracksuit and Gucci’s logo swimsuit. 
        • In France, shoppers are searching for jogging pieces and swimwear. Most wanted brands of the week include Off-White, Jacquemus and Sandro.
        • In Italy, streetwear brands and sport items are the most searched categories at the moment.
        • In the Netherlands, “feel-good” pieces, such as tie dye sweats, sunglasses and rainbow items, like the Judith Leiber´s Optimism crystal clutch are increasing.
        Thursday 04.30.20


        • Summer footwear: Searches for sliders are up a further 19% this week, in particular those by luxury brands with Chanel, Gucci and Off-White leading searches. Searches for flip-flops and fur slides have also increased 50% and 62% respectively.
        • Sports sneakers: Six of the top ten products from the last seven days have been sports sneakers, from brands Asics, Nike, Adidas and Veja.
        • #DressUpFriday accessories: Instagram’s new fashion challenge has likely increased interest in accessories: searches for gold chain necklaces increased 17% week-on-week, while searches for pearl necklaces are steadily increasing – they’re currently up 9% week-on-week.
        • Headbands: As more people are trying to make their own face masks, demand for headbands is growing: global searches went up 23% in April.
        • Colorful vibes: Pink, yellow and orange are the colors with the greatest search increases this week, in particular pink bags (+12% WoW), yellow dresses (+9% WoW) and orange sweaters (+15% WoW). Searches that include the word ‘multicolor’ have increased 40% over the last two weeks.

        By Country

        • In the US, following the news about Zendaya’s “Euphoria” hoodie going on auction sale, searches for burgundy hoodies went up 11% week-on-week. 
        • In the UK, shoppers are looking for jeans and denim shorts along with midi dresses and Veja sneakers. 
        • In Australia, searches for “utility slides” are increasing. Also, shoppers in Victoria and Queensland are looking for vintage bags and accessories.
        • In Canada, sneakers is currently the most popular category with more than 13,000 pageviews over the past 14 days.
        • In Germany, searches for flip-flops have gone up 98%. Most searched for brands include Palm Angels, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. Also, demand for jackets is rising with Gucci being the most searched for brand.
        • In Spain, searches for bags are growing; Louis Vuitton’s bags and Adidas’s mini backpack are the two most searched bags of the week. Searches for espadrilles have gone up significantly, 33% week-on-week, alongside asymmetrical tops and belts.
        • In France, searches for flip-flops have increased 207% compared to last month.
        • In Italy, searches for bathrobes increased 30% over the past 7 days.
        Wednesday 04.22.20


        • Summer escapism: Searches for tie-dye (+17%), white denim (+8%), sunglasses (+27%) and sliders (+22%) have all been increasing over the last seven days.
        • Rainbow love: There have been over 17,000 fashion searches that include the keyword "rainbow" in the past month and rainbow sweaters are the most searched for item (+31% MoM).
        • The effect of the royals: Following Meghan’s Zoom call with the Hubb Community Kitchen, searches for white T-shirts spiked 14% in 24 hours. Similarly, following Prince Harry’s Zoom call, searches for blue polo T-shirts were up 16%. Following the release of Kate Middleton’s BBC interview, searches for striped breton tops increased 36% in 24 hours.
        • Activewear: Searches for activewear continue to rise and are now up 25% since the beginning of April. Searches for leggings are currently up 17% week-on-week while Lululemon and All Yoga are the most searched for brands. Six of the top ten products from the last seven days have been sports sneakers.
        • Kimonos: Searches that include the word ‘kimono’ are up 22% week on week and the most viewed styles include those that are floral, silk, fringed and beaded. ASOS and Free People are the most viewed brands over the past 14 days. 
        • Chiara Ferragni’s influence: As the Chiara Ferragni x Champion collection launched this week, searches for her collection spiked 39% while Chiara Ferragni hoodies have increased 60% over the past month.

        By Country

        • In the US, summer dressing is growing in demand. Following sneakers, beachwear, sunglasses and shorts are among the most popular categories of the week. 
        • In the UK, shoppers are looking for trainers and matching sweats sets. Stone Island continues to be the most wanted brand of the month. 
        • In Canada, dresses are now in the top three most searched for categories of the week. Searches for dresses increased 11% week-on-week. 
        • In Australia, activewear is the most popular category at the moment. Most wanted activewear pieces include Nike’s mini swoosh oversized sweatshirt, Asos’s tie-dye sweats set and Lululemon’s leggings.
        • In Germany, searches for shorts are rapidly increasing.
        • In Spain, the Chiara Ferragni x Champion collection quickly became one of the most searched for lines of the week. Summer dressing is increasing as well, with Loewe’s rafia bag and gold pendants being amongst the most trending pieces. 
        • In France, shoppers are looking for logo sweatshirts and T-shirts.
        • In Italy, belts, by the likes of Versace and Dior Homme, top the list of the most popular categories. 
        • In the Netherlands, King’s Day seems responsible for an interesting increase in searches for the colour orange.
        Wednesday 04.15.20


        • Tie-dye Sweats: Searches for ‘tie-dye sweats’ and ‘tie-dye sweatsuits’ have collectively risen 42% over the last seven days. Searches for sweats are up 104% month-on-month while searches for sweatpants and sweatshirts are up 25% and 14% week-on-week respectively.
        • Following the #pillowchallenge on Instagram, searches for belts grew 17%. During the Easter weekend, searches for ‘Gucci belts’ spiked 24%. Off-White, Versace and Saint Laurent belts are also rising. 
        • Socks are having a moment as well: searches grew 12% since the beginning of April. Bottega Veneta’s cashmere socks are currently the most popular, followed by Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga. 
        • Searches for comfortable pant styles have increased. Searches for wide-leg pants are up 20% week on week. Shoppers are also searching for linen pants, culottes and palazzo trousers. Monochrome colours (white and khaki), floral prints and paisley patterns are most in demand, along with brands Etro, Free People and & Other Stories.
        • ‘Tiger King’ continues to influence fashion: searches for animal prints went up 26% over the past seven days.

        By Country

        • In the US, shoppers are looking for Gucci belts, slides, dresses and Off-White leggings. Cardigans, hoodies and sweatpants have continuously risen since March. 
        • In the UK, Stone Island tops the list of the most wanted brands of the week. Shoppers are looking for midi dresses and white sneakers. UGG’s slippers remain the most popular product of the week – searches grew a further 10%.
        • In Australia, Anine Bing’s tiger sweatshirt remains the most wanted product of the week, followed by Gucci’s tights and Nike’s oversized joggers. 
        • In Canada, shoppers are looking for sweats and comfortable pieces. Over the past seven days, Nike, Y-3, Stone Island and Kappa have been the most searched for brands. 
        • In Germany, performance sneakers are in high demand with Nike and Asics being the most searched for brands. 
        • In Netherlands, sneakers are also rising. Balenciaga, Puma and New Balance and the most viewed brands.
        • In Spain, white short sleeve T-shirts and white tops are some of the most searched categories this week alongside sweatshirts. 
        • In France, Jacquemus items, especially the brand's minibags, are growing in searches. Shirts and dresses are amongst the most searched categories.
        • In Italy, sneakers and logo T-shirts remain the most searched categories.
        Wednesday 04.08.20


        • Following the Queen’s speech, searches for the colour green spiked 52% and brooches 115% in three hours. Chanel brooches are currently the most wanted.
        • Thanks to the hit Netflix series Tiger King, a very different kind of royalty has got people searching. Tiger, leopard and zebra print searches have all more than tripled over the last month. Searches for ‘Kenzo Tiger’ have spiked 200% month-on-month while Anine Bing’s Tiger sweatshirt is among the most popular products of the week. 
        • Searches for scarves have increased 12% week on week.
        • Searches for statement earrings have increased – they’re up 40% over seven days. Most wanted are ‘large hoops’, ‘clip-on earrings’ and ‘pearl drop’ earrings.

        By Country

        • In the US, shoppers are looking for ‘oversized’ and ‘tie-dye’ hoodies by Off-White, Nike and Maison Margiela. While searches for sweatpants and leggings remain high, there is growing demand for sliders – Gucci and Calvin Klein are most wanted.
        • In the UK, shoppers are after high waisted logo leggings by DKNY and Ugg slippers – three of their products are in the top 10 most searched. Londoners are searching for linen shirts and Converse sneakers.
        • In Australia, the most popular products of the week are: Nike’s Air Cap, Anine Bing’s Tiger Sweatshirt and Calvin Klein’s Fleece Hoodie. Searches for sweatshirts and hoodies increased 40% collectively over the past seven days.
        • In Canada, shoppers are looking for Kappa pants, Moncler jackets, Off-White hoodies as well as belt bags.
        • In Germany, sweatpants is the most wanted category and sliders are significantly rising in views.
        • In Spain, underwear, such as Versace bras and Dsquared2 male slips, are amongst the most popular items this week. Searches for “wedding dresses” have also grown. 
        • In France, bucket hats and baseball caps are on the rise. There is a significant contrast in fashion searches: multicolour sequin tops and joggers are the most popular items this week.
        • In Italy, logo T-shirts in different colours have been the most popular products of the week. 
        Wednesday 04.01.20
        • Global searches for lingerie continue to grow week on week, they are currently up 15%.
        • Nike is the brand most searched globally over the last seven days, followed by Gucci and Off-White. 
        • The items most in demand are; Gucci’s All Over Logo lingerie set, Converse x Fear of God’s Chuck 70, UGG’s Scuffette slippers. 
        • In the US Balenciaga, Off-White and Gucci are the most searched brands while shoppers are looking for T-shirts and sneakers. 
        • In the UK shoppers are searching for slouchy items – trainers, joggers, tracksuits and slippers. Stone Island and C.P. Company remain the most wanted brands. In London people are searching for joggers and fleeces.
        • In Australia, sneakers, dresses and sweats are the most popular categories. Searches for men’s underwear are also rising; they are currently up 11% WoW.  
        • In Canada the most searched for brands are Balenciaga, Gucci and Stone Island.  Shoppers are searching for puffer jackets and chelsea boots. 
        • In Germany, people are searching for sporty items; tracksuits (Adidas Originals, Nike) hoodies (Lacoste) and sneakers (Vans Blue Ultrarange Exo LX) are the most searched products this week.
        • In Spain, bodysuits, logo hoodies and backpacks are trending. Summer pieces are also seeing a search increase, such as espadrilles, caftans, and swimsuits.
        • In France, there has been a significant rise in searches for comfortable clothing: sweatshirts, leggings and pyjama bottoms as well as feel-good items such as rings and mini bags.
        • In Italy sneakers – in particular those by Alexander McQueen and OffWhite – and Comme Des Garcons’ heart logo t-shirt are the most wanted products of the week.
        Wednesday 03.25.20
        • In the US searches for sneakers are trending, followed by searches for slides and leather mules. Most searched brands include Birkenstock and Ugg.
        • In the UK shoppers are searching for trainers and hoodies, while the most wanted brands are: Stone Island, C.P. Company and Converse. Searches for yoga leggings are trending in London.
        • In France, products that have seen the biggest rise in searches include Adidas tracksuit bottoms and Nike air max 98 premium. Both male and female shoppers are looking for men’s cardigans.
        • In Germany, trending search terms include: sneakers and hoodie sports jackets. Demand for sports brands has increased with Adidas training shoes, Nike Air Force trainers, Nike training tracksuit and Nike t-shirts being amongst the most searched for items over the past week.
        • In Spain shoppers are looking for tunics and long sleeve t-shirts. Alongside that interest for sports items has also gone up, including Nike training shoes and backpacks.
        • In Italy, shoppers are looking mainly for sweatshirts. The majority of searches show an interest in streetwear items. The most commonly searched brands over the past week are Palm Angels, Marcelo Burlon, Off-White, GCDS, Heron Preston and Balenciaga.
        • Global searches for lingerie have increased 9% week on week with Agent Provocateur, Off-White and Bluebella being the most popular brands in searches. Most searches coming from London and New York
        • The brands most searched globally over the last seven days are; 1) Nike 2) Gucci 3) Off-White
        Monday 03.23.20
        • In the US shoppers are searching for comfy sports clothing, in particular Nike and Adidas.
        • In the UK shoppers are looking for hoodies, sweatshirts, cropped sweaters, backpacks and gilets. Searches for cardigans are trending in London.
        • In Spain shoppers are searching for relaxed items; denim jackets, kimonos and woven bags. Gucci’s NY Yankees sneakers, Lacoste’s blue tie-dye sweatshirt and Melissa’s Neon Jelly shoes are all popular.
        • In Italy shoppers are searching for printed shirts and blouses from Etro, Versace Medusa Jewellery and Dolce and Gabbana’s raffia tote.
        • In France shoppers are looking for colourful clothes – Valentino’s Tribe Sneakers, Gucci’s Donald Duck jumper, Lacoste’s tie dye puffer jacket and Jacquemus’s colourful Riviera bag are the most wanted products.
        • In Germany shoppers are searching for Gucci loafers, Lacoste’s hoodie and court shoes by Hobbs.
        • In the Netherlands shoppers are searching for Versace patterned shirts, Reply kaftans, loafers and gowns. But comfortable clothing is also popular: Nike joggers and Ugg slippers are in the top five most searched items.
        • In Australia tops are the most searched category. There are specific searches for various neckline types including "v neck" and "funnel neck".
        • In Canada shoppers are searching for vests, T-shirts and sweatpants. However, searches for tie-dye are also trending, followed by searches for pearl necklaces and platform sandals.
        • The brands most searched globally over the last seven days are; 1) Gucci 2) Balenciaga 3) Stone Island
        • The categories most in demand right now are; 1) Sneakers 2) Pants 3) Jackets
        • Work related bags and accessories are seeing the biggest decline in sales, most notably wallets, shoulder bags, totes and backpacks. Jumpsuits, dresses and sunglasses are also categories that have seen global decline.
        • The most wanted items for women are; 1) Oska Yasha Linen trousers 2) Spanx leggings 3) Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Lift
        • The most wanted items for men are; 1) Stone Island cotton cargo trousers 2) Asics Gel Pulse 10 3) Nike pants

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