Velour tracksuits: Global demand for velour pieces on Lyst has been growing since September; searches for the terms “velvet” and “velour” are collectively up 30% month-on-month. Following the news that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are teaming up to launch a SKIM’s velour range, searches for velour tracksuits spiked 54% compared to the previous week, whilst searches including the term “velvet sweatpants” went up 80%. The most wanted styles are those by Juicy Couture.

Crocs: Following the release of Justin Bieber x Crocs collaboration last week, searches for Crocs spiked on Lyst and they’re currently up 89% week-on-week. The most popular styles include tie-dye, camo, iridescent as well as gemstone clogs.

Knitwear: Looking at the product category as a whole demand has increased 62% month-on-month, with cardigans and chunky sweaters being the most in-demand styles. Searches for matching cardigan sets, in particular, are up 25% since the start of October. Meanwhile, knitted vest tops are the fastest rising product in this category, growing by 102% over the past few weeks.

Leather: Since the start of the month, searches for leather pieces on Lyst are up 46%. The most sought-after category is “jackets”, with global demand for “oversized leather jackets” growing 33% month-on-month. The second most wanted category is “trousers”; over the past 14 days there were over 10,000 page views for trousers including the term “leather”.