As September comes to an end, Lyst has been monitoring the shifting habits of shoppers relating to pre-loved fashion purchases. Comparing searches and sales of more than 9 million shoppers over the past 30 days, these are the brands and products, as highlighted by our data, that got everyone searching and browsing online.

Second-hand fashion: Since the beginning of September, there has been a 104% increase in online fashion searches for second hand related keywords on Lyst. The term “vintage fashion” has generated on average over 35,000 monthly searches, meanwhile the term “slow fashion” has been responsible for more than seven million social impressions, reflecting a shift in shopping behaviours.

Vintage bags: Over the past month demand for pre-loved bags has grown 31%. Looking at the category, searches for vintage bags are at an all time high, having increased 46% year-on-year. Shoppers have been looking actively for brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hermes, whilst Fendi’s baguette continues to drive demand, with searches increasing 40% month-on-month.

Pre-owned shoes: Interest in second hand shoes, especially pre-owned luxury sneakers, continues to grow strong – they’re up 29% since the start of September. The most searched brands include Balenciaga, Dior, Yeezy and Off-White. Meanwhile searches for iconic shoes such as Chanel flats and Gucci loafers have also been growing, with page views increasing 55% collectively this month.

Vintage accessories: Looking at accessories, “Watches” has been the most sought after sub-category with searches including the terms “vintage” and “second-hand” rising 23% since the beginning of September. Rolex’s vintage Lady-Datejust has been the most wanted piece of vintage jewelry over the past month, with searches increasing 31% month-on-month. Meanwhile, over the same period global demand for the iconic brand grew 23%. Other popular watches included Cartier’s Must de Trinity and Omega’s Constellation Champagne watch.

Rings and necklaces were the most wanted categories around vintage jewelry. Although Chanel is still the most wanted brand for second hand jewelry, Cartier’s Sweet Trinity necklace has been the most viewed piece over the past month.

Most wanted brand: Chanel saw a 67% increase in searches in September, compared to the previous month. The most wanted piece was Chanel’s vintage classic quilted double flap bag, generating over 2,000 page views over the past month.