Vote merch: Ahead of the election day, in the US fashion searches that include the keyword “vote” are rising fast – they’re up 29% week-on-week. Whilst T-shirts seem to be the most popular product category this month, page views for the Stuart Weitzman 5050 Vote boots spiked by 488% in only 24hrs after Jill Biden wore them on Monday.

Leather blazers: Favoured by celebrities, leather blazers have become an autumn staple with searches growing quickly over the past few weeks – they’re currently up 71% compared to the same time last year. Most wanted styles are those by Frame, Arket and Nanushka. Meanwhile searches for “oversized leather blazer” in particular have spiked 140% month-on-month.

UGG boots: As ugly boots are replacing ugly sandals post-summer, demand for UGG boots is growing 24% week-on-week. Over the past month, there have been more than 41.000 searches for the brand. The fluffette slipper, the fluff yeah slides as well as the classic ultra mini boots have been amongst the top searched for products.

Crop tops: Global demand for cropped pieces is increasing. Whilst searches for “crop tops” went up 37% this month, page views for cropped hoodies are also rising – they’re currently up 21% month-on-month. Although female shoppers constitute the vast majority of shoppers looking for crop tops, searches for “mens crop tops” are also growing: they’re up 11% week-on-week.

Bike shorts: Even after the end of the summer, interest for shorts remains high. This month searches for the category including the terms “biker” and “running” went up 43% collectively. Whilst black is the most wanted color, demand for biker shorts in “nude” or “natural” is also rising. Most wanted style over the past couple of months is Nike’s leg a see bike shorts.